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5 Ways Medical Detox is Better than Cold Turkey

August 16, 2016 - - 0 Comments

5 Ways Medical Detox is Better than Cold TurkeyMany people who realize they have a substance abuse problem often try to handle the situation on their own. Trying to detoxify on their own, however, can pose a variety of healthcare problems many people may not realize until it’s too late. Drugs and alcohol cause different reactions when a person begins to detox. Their withdrawal symptoms can range from mild to severe depending on their dependency. An individual’s family members may not be able to handle the sometimes erratic behavior and violent mood swings an addict may exhibit as they begin to come off of the drugs. Medically supervised detox programs can assist in this area and provide the patient with the help they need to recover safely.

Complications Associated with Withdrawal

During the withdrawal period, the body will undergo many different changes. Some of them can have unpleasant repercussions and others can be dangerous if there is no medical supervision. Mild withdrawal signs include shaking, cold sweats, headaches and body pain. Severe symptoms can include intense vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, severe depression and suicidal thoughts.

Possibility of Mental Health Problems

Many addicts are often found to have an underlying mental illness in addition to their dependency issues. A person who tries to detoxify on their own may not be able to cope with certain aspects of their recovery, especially if their withdrawal symptoms are severe. A medically supervised detox program will be able to uncover any mental health issues that are present and offer the patient a “dual diagnosis” that will allow them to be effectively treated for both conditions.

The Benefit of Medication

A medically supervised detox program can include medications that help to alleviate many of the symptoms an addict may experience during their withdrawal period. The medications used can help neutralize the drug that remains in the body. Doctors may also recommend medications to help control the person’s behavior and prevent violent outbursts. If a doctor believes a patient may be experiencing mental or other health issues in addition to their drug addiction, he may begin treatment for those conditions as well.


Counseling is of vital importance for many addicts who are in the recovery phase. In most cases, people who become addicted to drugs often have trouble coping with events or circumstances in their life. Counseling provides them the resources to better understand why they chose to start taking drugs and also helps them find better ways to handle difficult situations. In essence, it gives them the tools and resources they need to make positive lifestyle changes. These opportunities will allow them the freedom to move forward with their lives without feeling the need to return to the drugs that only fueled their depression.

Positive Support System

It is extremely important for someone who is trying to detoxify and move away from addictive behaviors to have a positive support system. Medically supervised detox programs offer counseling both during the treatment plan as well as after the person has been released from care. This allows them to have access to people who are willing to talk to them and help them get through difficult times. For many addicts, the only friends they can really turn to in their time of need are the ones who are still using drugs or alcohol. The support system they create while they are in rehab can offer them the guidance they need to get through the temptations they often face during recovery. With the help of support groups and the “buddy” system, the patient has a chance to continue to interact with people who are currently facing the same challenges.

Detoxifying alone can be a scary and unpleasant experience. Choosing to use a medically supervised detox or rehab program offers many benefits including the security of knowing a staff of medically trained professionals are on hand in case of an emergency. No one needs to try and accomplish the task of recovery on their own. With the help of others, it is much easier to be successful and recovery will go much smoother.

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