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6 Ways to Face Events After Your Rehab is Complete

April 26, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Face Events After RehabIt must be a glorious day when you’re finally ready to leave the drug and alcohol rehab, smiling to yourself that you never need to see that place ever again – for you are whole and complete now. That’s actually a very good attitude and hopefully, there is a person – a loved one – come to pick you up and hold you in their arms or their midst, welcoming you back into the human fold of love and joy.

But if there’s no one to wait for you and welcome you, it is not the end of the world. There is a strong possibility, you got to drinking in the first place because of that – you felt alone in this world, but now, you can do it on your own.

Never Go Back

Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers are a blessing to all who need to rehabilitate themselves from alcohol and substance abuse problems. Aim to never go back, whether you live alone in this world, or a family or some friends are waiting for you to re-join them. The important thing is you got through it, and no one need even deaden their senses again the way you did the first time around.

Let there be a new friend for you out there. Alcohol and drugs were never your friends. Only those who love you and heal you are your friends.

The Follow Through

As you leave the center, here are the six ways to face events after your rehab is complete:

  • You just got out. Be kind and gentle with yourself. Get back into the stream of things with a cool nerve.
  • Take things slowly.  Before you left the center, you were coached about re-entry into the world. Make time for self and adjustments.
  • Thank the people who cared for you at the rehab center. Thank the people who saw to your health, comfort, and healing.
  • Thank your friends or family who were there for you all this time. They suffered greatly, too. Thank them with all your heart.
  • Find or create meaningful work. It is good to focus on something that kindles the soul and purpose. Find or create work you love.
  • Find or create a pleasurable hobby. As a companion to the work you do, make time to find or create hobbies that give you joy and meaning.

The Idea of It All

You might

have been advised at the center to shun friends who have used or still use drugs. If you are able to, you must find a good and supportive neighborhood where you can start a new life for yourself – whether by yourself or with your family.

Look upon life with a new set of eyes and continue the therapies you were asked to do, like the 12-step programs. Keep yourself busy with good things, creative things, productive things. Remind yourself that you are a worthy human being and much good can spring from your soul and you have much to do for others.

If you can focus on that – helping others – because now, you have helped and healed yourself, then you will be a great asset to people who may need your help. Maybe, you can help others kick the alcohol and drug habit, too.

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