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8 Ways to Help Avoid Relapse

March 21, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Ways to Help Avoid RelapseTreatment specialists in various alcohol treatment centers all emphasize the reality of relapse. This is the reason why every alcohol rehab program includes educational and learning sessions to help patients stay sober and develop healthy coping skills.

If you have recently completed substance abuse treatment and you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed about the possibility of relapsing, there are several things that you can do to increase your chances of living an alcohol-free life.

Here are eight ways that can help you avoid the dangers of relapse:

  • Exercise your willpower muscles.

It is almost impossible for you to totally avoid temptations since the temptation of alcohol will always be there. In cases wherein you are faced with the temptation to drink even though you have done everything within your power to limit such occasions, try to face temptations head on by resisting. This will help you to gradually gain confidence and strength to stay sober.

  • Be realistic.

Embrace and live in the present. Believe that you have successfully overcome alcohol abuse, but be humble enough to admit that you can be trapped in the web of addiction if you start being complacent. Set boundaries and stick to it, regardless of what other people say.

  • Remain connected to your counselor and continue therapy.

While inpatient alcohol rehab has helped you tremendously to be where you are now, you should accept the fact that you cannot completely detach yourself from your treatment team even after leaving the facility. Seeing your counselor regularly, although not as intensely, will help you stay on track more effectively.

  • Practice looking at situations and circumstances in a positive light.

Having a positive attitude will help you cope with challenging situations. While it is not easy to stay optimistic most of the time, you should be aware when you are already obsessively dwelling on a negative thought. Surround yourself with positive influences and positive people.

  • Avoid being close to the fire if you do not want to get burned.

If you desire to get sober, you should do your best to avoid being around alcohol and other addictive substances. Let go of the idea that parties and having fun involved alcohol. Be creative and make an effort to find activities and hobbies that will provide you with a good time, help you meet new friends who do not drink, and keep you away from even thinking about drinking.

  • Accept your condition and believe in yourself.

Avoid being too self-critical whenever you feel emotional or overwhelmed. It is perfectly fine to have mixed emotions because of what you have gone through. Stay calm and approach the recovery journey one step at a time. Celebrate successes like being able to stay sober for 30 days, 60 days, and so on. Affirm yourself when there is a reason to.

  • Give yourself a break.

Be patient and kind to yourself. Avoid getting frustrated whenever you feel like you are not moving forward at a pace that you like. Remember that recovery is not a race but a journey and the process to get there is more important than the destination.

  • Take a rest and get your 8 hours of sleep.

The benefits of getting 8 to 10 hours of sleep are often undervalued. But numerous studies have supported the restorative and healing effects of resting your body and getting a good night’s rest. While it is important to exercise and eat healthily to strengthen your body, do not fail to prioritize sleeping early and sleeping enough. Resting your body and your mind will help you to stay focused and positive.
The tips above, combined with the usual reminders given by counselors in alcohol treatment centers will help you to face your sober days with courage and confidence. Keep in mind that the most important thing is you are willing to make an effort to stay clean.

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