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How Is Addiction a Family Disease if My Parents Don’t Have It?

July 15, 2016 - , , , , - 0 Comments

Our clients who are in rehabilitation often wonder why addiction is considered a family disease when their parents are not substance abusers. However, when counselors say that addiction is a family disease, they mean that a client’s addiction affects their siblings along with their spouse and children. An addict’s behavior changes because of their substance abuse, and in many cases, the relatives of an addict are often afraid or worried about how their loved one will react at home or in social situations.

Families of Addicts Should Also Receive Counseling

There are also psychological reasons why you turned to drugs or alcohol to cope with daily living instead of choosing healthier ways to relieve anxiety. While in a rehabilitation facility, you will have an opportunity to meet with a counselor each day in either a group or one-on-one session. During these sessions, you will begin to understand why you chose addictive behaviors such as going to bars where people drink or joining a gang with members who use drugs. As you progress in therapy, your relatives and friends are also invited to participate in counseling.

Counseling While in Rehabilitation Can Help To Mend Relationships

In some cases, our clients have family members who will no longer talk to them because of the damage caused by their addiction. Your spouse may have filed for a divorce, and your children may not want to associate with you, but with our help, it is possible to mend broken relationships. With family counseling, everyone gets a chance to discuss how an addiction has affected his or her life. You may still get a divorce despite counseling, but an ex-spouse may be able to forgive you, and this makes it easier for your children.

Contact Us Today To Stop the Addiction Cycle

While your parents may not have had an addiction, you may pass on this problem to your children because they might learn to cope with their problems by drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs. Statistics of family groups reveal that the children of addicts are more likely to abuse a substance. If your children become addicted to heroin or alcohol, then their spouses, children and you are affected by the substance abuse. The best way to stop the cycle of addiction in a family is by seeking help today from a counselor who can help you find a residential treatment program.

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