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Alcohol Detox: The Difference Between the First Rodeo and Repeat Clients

December 5, 2016 - - 0 Comments

Alcohol DetoxIt is both unfortunate yet all too common for alcohol detox and treatment not to “take” with the first attempt.  The hope is always there for a first timer to find lasting sobriety after detox and with a sober view of life see what needs to change, and that is the goal.  However, often the first trip to alcohol detox centers is little more than an opportunity to educate them as to the physical, mental, and emotional consequences of alcoholism in preparation for future treatment.  After a relapse, the patient will see the wisdom offered by the center’s counselors and typically come back with a more serious approach toward recovery.

Rock Bottom and Interventions

Sometimes, drug addiction requires reaching a rock bottom before an intervention occurs to find a solution to future drug abuse.  Every addiction is different.  For some people, “rock bottom” was crashing a car, or experiencing an alcohol induced blackout.  For others, spending a night in jail isn’t enough to warrant quitting as more alcohol can be ingested tomorrow upon release.  When rock bottom isn’t low enough, interventions are essential.  Interventions conducted by friends and family are preferred over those instigated by police or doctors, which are again one step better than an intervention begun by a paramedic.

Alcohol Detox Treatment and First Timers

People who visit alcohol detox centers for the first time often have a misunderstanding the treatment can magically cure them, and this is why it doesn’t always work for everybody the first time around.  There is no magic involved, treatment centers provide support while teaching the tools needed to find a life without the pain of addiction.

Coming Back after a Relapse

After someone has learned the basics of what recovery can and cannot do for them, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not they choose to accept the gift of sobriety.  There is always going to be at least one if not twelve people in any recovery program who know exactly what to say to fake their way through alcohol detox programs because they’ve been through it before and have alternative reasons for doing it this time.  Such a concept in no way belittles the amount of help available to the addicts who recognize the need for help and are honestly attempting to find legitimate, long-term sobriety.

Finding a Reason for Sobriety

The reasons for sobriety are as varied as the personalities of every addict.  Sobriety requires finding a rock bottom.  To use an earlier reference, sex with strangers is a rock bottom for many addicts, but it’s also a reason some addicts enjoy the lifestyle.  One of the most commonly motivational rock bottoms is when friends and family conduct an intervention and force the addict to see how much pain they are causing others.  In spite of actions conducted while high, most addicts are truly nice people with deep emotions toward the well-being of others, and to realize the mistake of alcoholism toward loved ones can be the rock bottom and inspiration toward sobriety.

Developing the Tools for Long Term Recovery

Although the immediate goal of alcohol detox treatment is for the alcoholic to safely find sobriety without the dangers posed by DTs there is a longer term hope for ongoing recovery.  Learning how to use the tools of long-term recovery can’t happen while the addict is under the effects of alcohol, including the cravings which last after becoming sober.  This is accomplished through longer term rehab which teaches healthier alternatives then get drunk again when the cravings for alcohol are in effect.

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