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Not All Detox Centers Work

October 12, 2016 - - 0 Comments

Detox CentersAdmitting that you need help dealing with your alcohol addiction is a great start – but it is just the beginning of the healing process.   Finding the right treatment center is vital to success.  The National Institutes of Health (NIH) report nearly 15,000 alcohol detox and treatment centers in the United States alone.  This multi-billion industry has opened the doors to facilities opening that really aren’t effective.  So, how can you be sure that the one you choose can help you on the road to recovery?


Understand the Difference between Treatment and Rehab

You might think that a treatment center and a rehab center are the same thing.  Yes, they are similar but there are some important differences to understand.   Rehab (short for rehabilitation) is a place that offers the addict help in returning to a normal life as soon as possible when battling an addiction.   Treatment centers take a much more methodical approach, encouraging the patient to remain in therapy for a longer period of time, first treating the addiction and then helping the patient acclimate back into a regular lifestyle.

What is An Alcoholic Treatment Center?

An alcoholic treatment center is a safe place where someone battling an alcohol addiction can receive around-the-clock care.  They may stay for a few weeks or a few months.  Treatment includes a complete detox from the alcohol; withdrawal management; and ongoing  mental health and addiction therapy.

Is Detox Important in Breaking My Addiction?

Until you can free your body completely of alcohol, it will be impossible to tackle the job of recovery.  When you undergo detoxification, the slate is wiped clean, giving your mind and your body a fresh start.

What Does Detox Entail?

Alcohol detoxification requires the patient to completely clear the body of alcohol.  The process of withdrawal from alcohol is extremely dangerous.   That is why it is vital for patients that choose a program that offers the kind of round the clock care as His House.   Patients here are monitored 24 hours a day to assess any physical or mental dangers of the detoxification process.  Psychiatrists are on hand to guide the patient through the emotional aspect of the process, while a medical team trained in alcohol detox keeps an eye on the physical aspect of the process.   Medications like benzodiazepines are sometimes given to help ease symptoms of anxiety and stress, easing the patient through the process more comfortably.

What Happens After the Body is Cleared of the Alcohol?

Once the patient is free of alcohol the body can begin to heal.  Treatment includes a multi-dimensional approach to tackle every aspect of the patient’s recovery and care.

Not every alcohol detox center offers the kind of sophisticated approach to healing that is found at His House.   By concentrating on every aspect of recovery, the doctors here can guide the patient through the mental, emotional physical and spiritual aspects of getting their life back on track – sober.

From intervention, detoxification, treatment and sober living guidance, His House offers a complete treatment program designed to heal the patient from the inside out.

Things to Look For in an Alcohol Detox Center

If you have made the tough choice to get help for your addiction, then you want to make sure to get the most out of the experience.  Here are a few things that the Center for the Study of Addiction and Recovery (C-SATR) recommend looking for in any treatment center you consider:

  • A place that fosters motivation: addiction is tough to beat.  Without the proper motivation, it is difficult to battle.
  • A place that feels comfortable: addicts need to feel safe.  Look for a treatment center that makes you feel like they can help you.
  • A Place that offers a multi-pronged approach to healing.  Addiction encompasses so many different physical and emotional issues that a center that only concentrates on one may limit the patient’s ability to fully heal.
  • A place that is state licensed (and highly recommended).

The His House Difference

Every alcohol treatment center handles recovery differently.  His House believes that full recovery requires a comprehensive plan.  That is why they design individualized plans for every patient that tackles both the physical and psychological effects of addiction.  Here’s what you can expect:

  • A complete physical workup: our medical staff is trained in the special needs of alcohol addiction and the physical process of healing.   By offering 24-hour monitoring we ensure that all aspects of your detoxification and treatment are physically safe.
  • A complete mental health evaluation:  Your body isn’t the only thing that suffers through addiction – so does your brain.   There are many mental health issues that can be present with addiction, and some are exacerbated by withdrawal.  Our mental health staff understands the emotional toll withdrawal can take on a patient and is watchful for signs of depression, which may include suicidal thoughts.   They are completely ready to intervene before a crisis occurs and can help ease the patient through the emotional side effects of withdrawal.
  • Nutritional Help: addiction takes a real toll on your body.  In most cases, it strips the body of vital nutrients it needs to heal and thrive.   Our nutritional and wellness staff has been trained to guide the patient back to good health with a variety of healthy eating and exercise programs.
  • Spiritual help: people of faith can find the calming influence of our spiritual leaders, which will help them reconnect with a higher power and find strength in their beliefs during the recovery process.

His House Rehab offers industry leading Detox Treatment Programs. We were founded in 1994 and we base our Drug and Alcohol Treatment programs on five key principles: commitment, honesty, integrity, respect, and service. These five principles guide us in all that we do and all the care we provide. Contact us today to see how we can help you or your loved one at (888) 681-4594.

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