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Personal Responsibility: Men Who Own Their Mistakes Do Better in Recovery

May 18, 2016 - , , , - 0 Comments

Taking personal responsibility is an important step for a recovering addict; it is an acknowledgment that your decisions have produced a difficult addiction. The impact of addiction goes far beyond your personal life, it also affects everyone who loves you, cares about you, and depends upon you. There is another part of taking responsibility; many men who do so have more success in recovery.

Responsibility and Progress

Personal responsibility is a sign of strength. Whether in men or women, takind responsibility shows a resolve to commit to change. Recovery involves that kind of thinking. Recovering addicts must learn new ways to face challenges, and they must learn to make better decisions. All of these changes involve personal strength. Every day of sobriety is a challenge, and while family, friends, and counselors each give support, the ultimate strength needed is within the recovering addict. Men who accept personal responsibility for their addiction can do better in recovery because they accept that change must come from within themselves.

Improvements in Recovery

There is a basic conflict for many recovering addicts; they wish to blame something or someone for their situation. Addictions are diseases and the idea that it is not my fault appeals to many addicts. Blame may not contribute to recovery. As long as there is blame placed elsewhere, there may be no feeling of responsibility in the addict’s thinking. Taking personal responsibility is consistent with the need to make new decisions and find ways to handle risky situations.

Responsibility and Healing

Personal responsibility for many male recovering addicts is a source of strength and healing power. They believe they can be better, make better decisions, and contribute to their families and communities. They believe that the first step is to acknowledge that their decisions helped create the addiction.

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