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How To Spot Someone About To Relapse

July 13, 2016 - , , , , , - 0 Comments

Relapse is always a concern when someone you care about struggles with addiction. While your support is essential for their recovery, there are some times when they may need additional help to prevent a relapse from occurring. Fortunately, you can often spot the signs of an impending relapse early enough that you can encourage your loved one to seek treatment.

Recent Trauma or Increased Stress

Often, a person leaves treatment fully ready to embrace sobriety, and they remain confident and strong until a problem arises that challenges their commitment. For this reason, you may want to be on guard if your friend has recently experienced a loss, moved to a new location or is experiencing stress in their personal relationships.

Returning to Old Friends or Habits

When a person begins to make strides in their sobriety, old friends may return and try to tempt them to return to their former lifestyle. After years of knowing these people, your friend may find it hard to turn down their invitations to hang out. Yet, being around their former circle of friends can lead them to return to their former habits.

Stopping Current Prevention Strategies

During rehab, your friend learned important strategies to help them stay sober. Exercising, attending counseling sessions and joining a support group are all things that help people to stay sober. If your friend is beginning to slip, they may stop going to therapy or make statements about how they don’t need it anymore. At first, this may seem as if your friend is gaining confidence and growing stronger. However, ending therapy sessions removes an important source of support that prevents relapse.

Talking About Drugs or Alcohol

After going years or months without doing drugs or alcohol, it is common for a person to begin to think that they could handle it again in small doses. Yet, addiction is a lifelong battle, and even one small drink could throw a person into a complete relapse. When your friend talks about drugs or alcohol, remind them about how much work they have put toward sobriety and offer to spend time with them doing healthy, sober activities.

When you suspect that someone is about to relapse, it is important to trust your instincts. Talk to your friend about how they are feeling, and suggest exploring an after care treatment program that can help them stay on track. We are always ready to help you and your loved one find a program that fits their lifestyle so that they can avoid a relapse and continue building upon their commitment to sobriety.

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