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Tips on Protecting Your Career while Saving Your Life

October 27, 2016 - - 0 Comments

Protecting Your CareerOne of the many reasons people cite for not going to rehab is fear of losing their job.  Many people struggling with addiction are employed and have families to care for, and the idea of checking into a 30-day program brings up multiple fears, among them unemployment.

You may believe that going to treatment puts your job at risk, but the reality is your job is likely already at risk.  Even if you have been able to hold it together so far, there’s a good chance that your boss and coworkers suspect there is a problem, and there’s a good chance that your addiction has hurt your performance and productivity.

Will Going to Treatment Put Your Job at Risk?

Not necessarily.  In fact, going to rehab can protect your job.  For example, you can’t be fired for going to rehab.  Once you make the decision to go to treatment, you are protected under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

If you choose not to go to rehab and your job performance suffers as a result of your addiction, you can be fired.  However, if you proactively go to rehab for your addiction, you can’t be fired for past performance issues related to your addiction.   Your employer isn’t allowed to discriminate against you for being an addict in recovery, although you can be drug tested randomly.

Fear and Embarrassment

Another barrier for many people is fear and embarrassment.  What if people find out? What will they think? Again, there’s a good chance people already know that you have a problem.  Even if they don’t, most people understand that addiction is a disease that requires treatment.  There’s a good chance that you aren’t the only one they know who has a problem, and you probably aren’t the only employee there who has a problem.  Will people talk?  Probably, but it will be short-lived, and the reality is that coworkers don’t even have to know where you are or why you are gone.  You don’t owe anyone an explanation.

What About Money?

This is tricky, but you have to remember you are saving your life, here.  And, you are likely going to save a lot of money in the long run! You can use vacation time and check in to your employer’s temporary disability options.  Cut whatever expenses you can and see if you can get any kind of help.  Rehab is only about as long as two or three paychecks.  Have faith that things will be okay.

Keep the Big Picture in Mind

Addiction afflicts millions of people every single year.  It costs billions in lost productivity and medical expenses.  People die each and every day, and families are devastated as a result of this disease.  You may indeed be concerned about your career and your finances, but you are saving your life.  And, you are also saving your career.  In truth, by recovering from addiction you are allowing yourself to reach your full potential.  Addiction drains you of your drive, motivation, creativity and your health.  You will never reach your goals while you are in active addiction, and the chances are better than average that you will lose it all along the way.

Take the leap and get help for your addiction.  Remember that your health and your life are more important than any job.  And, if you don’t wait for things to get worse, if you go get help right away, you’ll protect your job, your health and your family in both the short and long term.

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