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The Toughness Developed During Addiction Provides the Strength Needed for Detox

November 30, 2016 - - 0 Comments

DetoxAnyone who has had the misfortune of the need for a drug detox program understands just how difficult it is.  There is the sickness of withdrawals and the pain associated with them along with the lack of the drugs the addict has come to rely on in order to face such pain.  There is also the knowledge the pain will go away with a dose of the preferred drug.  After detox is successfully completed, the cravings for the drug remain as the addict faces the issues which led to the addiction in the first place but were never addressed while high.

The Rugged Life of an Addict

On the other hand, the life of an addict can be harsh and rugged, therefore it tends to provide the person with the strength they need to face the challenge presented by drug detox centers.  Although every addiction has its own nuances of progression, there are some commonalities which apply in most cases.  By the time an addiction has reached the point of forcing an intervention, most addicts have experienced some similar situations.

It may be that failing health has led to time in the hospital or poor decision making has led to time in jail.  In both of these cases, the addict experienced a preview of what to expect with withdrawals.  Most addicts have also experienced temporary withdrawals due to lack of money.  Further, addicts may have experienced some form of homelessness whether by getting kicked out their home for a day or two or an extended term of being unable to keep a home or job.  All of these contribute to a particular brand of inner toughness as the addict learns how to deal with less than perfect circumstances.

Finding the Will to Detox

Often, the above poor situations are in and of themselves the intervention the addict needs to realize the need for beginning recovery through drug detox programs.  Other times, friends and family conduct a controlled intervention to save the addict from such situations.  With luck and proper counseling, the addict will understand the gift of the intervention and accept the opportunity to build a better life.

Finding the Strength to Fight Withdrawals

After the intervention when the addict enters on of the available drug detox centers is when the real battle begins.  Without the professional help provided by drug detox programs, few addicts can remain in detox long enough to get past the immediate symptoms of drug withdrawals and begin developing the tools they need to maintain long-term sobriety through a recovery program.  Without regular counseling and medications, the cravings are simply stronger than the will unless there is a strong promise of a better life in the immediate and foreseeable future.

After Detox: Ongoing Recovery

Although detox is the beginning of recovery, there is still a long battle ahead to maintain sobriety.  The potential for relapse never goes away, although the tools to deal with trigger situations become stronger with practice as the addict builds a lifestyle around remaining sober.  The addict is going to find friends and mentors who are available 24/7 with advice when the cravings come, and eventually, the addict is going to serve the same role to other people which give them yet more motivation to remain sober.  They’re going to find new hobbies and new activities which they associate with sobriety so as not to be an active trigger.  Just as importantly for some people is the pride they develop in the success they’re able to achieve in sobriety which they could never maintain in the past.

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