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Why is The United States Facing Such a Problem?

June 29, 2016 - , , , , , , - 0 Comments

Recently, the news has been full of stories of people, young and old, succumbing to the effects of drug addiction. It seems like an epidemic. Why is this happening in the United States? What is causing this rash of drug and alcohol problems? The three main factors in the country’s collective drug problem are: family history, lack of social support, and lack of mental health care.

Family History

One of the single most prevalent factors in you or a loved one becoming an addict is a family history of drug use and abuse. Many researchers believe that this is a genetic predisposition that makes the user more susceptible to developing drug dependency. Additionally, seeing parents or relatives use drugs may trigger positive associations with substances. However, do not despair, there are many treatment options available to people who want to stave off becoming a family statistic.

Lack of Social Support

The internet connects our modern world; however, the ease of connecting with family, friends, and acquaintances is often ironically the cause of feeling more disconnected than ever. Often, the biggest factor in someone slipping into drug addiction or relapse is due to not having any close bonds. While it may seem as though video chats and multiplayer games are being social, they are a poor substitute for real life social interaction.

Lack of Mental Health Care

It doesn’t take much for television pundits to exclaim that the United States needs to do more for mental health care. From very conservative estimates at least 1 in 4 people worldwide have a mental health problem; however, in the US the government doesn’t spend nearly enough money so that sufferers get the help they need. Often people with depression and other mental health problems self-medicate with illicit drugs and alcohol. Self-medicating with drugs or alcohol will seem to work in the beginning, but it only further ensnares its victim into addiction.

Knowing why the United States has such problems with addiction is helpful, because it gives addicts and their families the ability to spot the causes of their addictive behaviors. It helps them to obtain treatment that works well based on their causal factors. For those who lacked interconnectedness, they might do well with group therapy. For those with family history, family therapy may help. The mentally ill, may do well with one-on-one therapy and appropriate medication. Overall, examination helps families and providers work together effectively.

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