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Unplugging From Life: What 30 Days in Rehab Taught Me

May 13, 2016 - , , , , , - 0 Comments

At first glance, 30 days seems like a long time to be away from your home and creature comforts. Yet, it really does take that long to fully step away from your current lifestyle and get a new perspective. In fact, unplugging from life for a little while taught me valuable lessons that have helped with my sobriety.

Your True Friends Will Wait

The night before I went to rehab, I remember crying on my best friend’s shoulder about how bad I would miss everyone. Yet, I learned to make new friends in rehab who were all committed to helping each other do better. In fact, I discovered that many of my friends who were embroiled in their addictions had pretty much disappeared by the time I got out. This actually was a good thing since the friends who remained were all sober-minded members of my support team.

You Deserve to Focus On Healing

For many people, spending 30 days in a rehab feels selfish, but it really is not. When I first told people I was going, I thought they would be upset. However, I discovered in my therapy sessions that my friends and family members had all been hurt by my selfishness when I was in the throes of addiction. To them, waiting 30 days for me to get better only made sense. When all was said and done, everyone in my life has benefited from me taking the full 30 days to get clean, especially me.

You Will Learn to Love Sober Living

Go ahead, I know I rolled my eyes at the idea of sharing my feelings with a group of strangers. I also once believed that I just wasn’t the type to go for a swim or jump into a game of basketball. Well, I’ll tell you that 30 days away from everything will make you willing to try anything. And you know what? I had so much fun. I can now pick from a list of a hundred favorite activities to do on my weekends.

You Are Never Really Alone

If a month in rehab sounds lonely, get ready because you are almost always near someone who is willing to talk. In rehab, you’ll eat, sleep and explore your feelings with people who start as strangers and end up as friends. I also found it amazing to discover that so many people deal with addiction. It made my problems seem less embarrassing when I realized that many people were going through the same thing.

If you are staring down the road at 30 days of rehab, rest assured that they will go fast. Once you unplug, you will begin to feel the weight of the world fall off of your shoulders while you begin to regain your sense of self. In fact, I am so excited for your chance at a fresh start that I cannot wait to hear about what you learn in rehab.

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