About Us

About Us

Making the decision to get help is terrifying.  You might be asking yourself, “why can’t I stop on my own”.  There’s no easy answer to this question. Addiction doesn’t care if you’re rich or poor, have a family or not, the color of your skin, or the neighborhood you grew up in.

Addiction to drugs or alcohol causes chemical changes in the subconscious brain that trigger use — even when your conscious brain says “NO”!   Getting help is necessary.

It’s not about a lack of “self-discipline” when you’re stuck in the grip of active addiction. It’s about getting away from the availability of your drug and the triggers to use it, and into the hands of professionals who want to help.

Making the commitment to get help can feel humiliating.

You might fear negative judgement from family, friends, peers. You might be angry, confused, embarrassed and afraid. These are normal feelings that most people face when going into treatment for substance dependence.

At His House Treatment for Men, we don’t judge your past or your usage. We walk beside you through whatever fears you may be experiencing. We understand the inner turmoil.

Our Founder

Glenn Swanson, CADCII, MBA, is no stranger to the pain and devastation a person faces when struggling with addiction. Glenn is also no stranger to the amazing rewards and priceless gifts that accompany a life in recovery. With a strong spiritual connection, Glenn has followed the calling of his heart to provide safe and effective treatment for people who need and want it.

Compassionate and approachable, Glenn is always willing to tell entertaining but applicable stories to share his experience, strength, and hope. He lights up when talking with residential clients about his experience before & during his own treatment experience as well as the challenges and hardships he faced after leaving treatment.

Glenn was a periodic user of cocaine, he’d be able to stay cool for up to 90 days, but he always kept following the road back to the drug. Like most people struggling with addiction, he knew that the drug was the problem but couldn’t stop going back to the problem. His wife had had enough. She dropped him off at a long-term treatment center and waved goodbye!

Devastated over the loss of his family and job, Glenn realized cocaine wasn’t the problem — he was in spiritual crisis. He surrendered to the suggestions of the program. He cleaned the toilets they told him to clean. He read the literature they told him to read. He found a sponsor and worked the steps whole-heartedly – through step 9 during his residential treatment.

The first facility Glenn started was a Sober Living home for men in Upland California. That was on September 27, 1994. With the help of 6-7 people, they painted, furnished, and repaired a run down home on an extremely small budget in 4 days. By doing voluntary groups with Local Counseling Associates in Upland, California, Glenn began to see people he could help and within 30 days, the 10 beds of the home were full and Glenn was inspired to continue on this “right path” being divinely inspired.

Within two years, Glenn had 47 Sober Living beds for men while still working full time as a counselor at Loma Linda. For three years, Glenn never received any pay for his work providing people with a safe place to live — it was a ministry for him. There was other things to be done with the money like additional repairs on the house, necessary furniture for the residents, rent, utilities, etc.

Glenn’s mentor laid out an educational plan for him. A quite arduous educational plan. And while going to school he worked with with adolescents, ran an outpatient program, and volunteered at the Salvation Army. All this experience was considered a gift to Glenn. This diverse and sometimes overwhelming schedule led to his CADC licensing.

By the year 2001, Glenn began working with the state taking in parolees who needed a safe place to live. They also needed outpatient treatment and Glenn accommodated. He received his certification for Outpatient Treatment and personally worked with the re-entry people using his experience, strength, hope and licensing.

Because Glenn’s calling was to help other sufferers through a spiritual connection, he decided against getting his Master’s Degree in theology because it wouldn’t get him connected to the people who he felt called to help. “I wanted to be the guy who’d gotten help and is reaching back to help someone else with my hand firmly in God’s grip.” And so already having his CADC, and having a business, he decided on a Masters Degree in Business which would extend his reach to more people.

A very Christian and Spiritual provider of help to people struggling with addiction, Glenn is refreshingly humble for a man who has helped so many people find a path to recovery. He worked hard to follow his calling to help others. He listened for divine guidance and followed it. He recognized his greatest talents and surrounded himself with people who could fill in the gaps — exceptionally. Glenn is such a people-person nobody is ever surprised to see him walk into a residential facility and start sharing his message of hope.

Married to his high school sweetheart for over 30 years, and proud father of three beautiful grown children, Glenn is an active member at his church, Harvest Ministries, and is known by colleagues and co-workers as a grateful man of integrity and honor.

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