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Drug And Alcohol Addiction Treatment Programs for Men & Women

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When you come into His House, you will have many different treatment programs to choose from. Instead of having to go through numerous different drug and alcohol treatment programs to get the help you need, here, you can do all of your drug and alcohol rehabilitation in one place. There are many things about how we have set up our drug and alcohol treatment program that make us different than other addiction treatment centers.

At His House Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center, you have a wide variety of treatment programs that cover all types of addiction, as well as mental illness. You can come to us when you need a small amount of help, or when you need help saving your life from the downward spiral that addiction causes, or anywhere in between. We are staffed with more experts on addiction and mental illness than most alcohol and drug treatment centers are able to provide, giving you the advantage when it comes to fighting your demons.

“When everything seems to be going against you, remember that the airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.” – Henry Ford

Not All Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers Are Created Equal

Instead of having to go through different alcohol and drug rehab centers to find ones that can help you with each of your individual issues, come and see us. We are the best alcohol and drug rehab center around, and we know what you need to get passed your addiction, once and for all. Let our experts help you get your life back, and revive the hope that you need to survive life in general. We can make sure that you find the strength within yourself to get over your issues, and start deciding where you want your life to go!

Dual Diagnosis Program

When you are facing a dual diagnosis of mental illness plus an addiction, you need a solid dual diagnosis program to help you overcome your issues.  Let us help you get past your mental illness and avoid the desire to self-medicate with your addiction, but successfully completing our dual diagnosis program.

Drug Addiction Treatment

When you are facing a drug addiction, finding a drug addiction treatment program that caters to your needs is essential.  We can help you detox from your substance of choice, then learn the tools to put your addiction behind you for good.

Alcohol Addiction Treatment

When alcohol addiction has taken control over your life, it is time to get into an alcohol addiction treatment program that caters to your every need.  Medically supervised detox and in-depth alcohol addiction treatment are essential for long-term sobriety.

Detox Options

Different addictions require different detox options. At His House, we make sure to have a wide variety of detox options so we can help if you are suffering from a drug addiction, alcohol addiction, or some combination of both.

Sub-Acute Detox

When detox is the plan, but you are unsure of how it will go due to how much you were using, or because you were combining substances, sub-acute detox may be the perfect answer. It gives you medical supervision during detox to keep you safe, making the process easier on you.

Drug Detox

Allowing your body to detox from drugs is a slow process that can be very unpredictable. That is why it is so important to have an experienced drug detox facility performing your detox, as that keeps you safe and monitored during the entire process.

Alcohol Detox

Some people are fine when going through alcohol detox, but many struggle heavily. We can help make alcohol detox much safer and keep you more comfortable during the hardest parts of the process.

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