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Our Mission

Our Mission

A recovering addict himself, Glenn Swanson, CADC II, MBA founded our facilities in 1994. He based the first His House facility in Upland, California on five key principles; commitment, honesty, integrity, respect, and service. Through the years and many expansions, we have always remained true to these five tenets.


Addiction is a lifelong disease which can be treated but never truly cured, and so we vow never to leave anyone ‘out in the wilderness’, or struggling with an unsupervised recovery. His House staff members believe in commitment to our clients; we are always there to help.


Many of the people who work within our facilities, including our founder, have experienced their own addictions. We understand the overwhelming need for honesty in recovery, whether that is honesty to yourself or towards another. “The first step is admitting you have a problem” means you have to be honest and unflinching when recovering, and many of our staff have learned this first hand.


As well as more traditional techniques involved in treatment, such as therapy and psychiatric care, His House has found that alternate paths are very helpful as well. We offer physical therapy, exercise and personal training, yoga, art therapy, and group and family therapy for the loved ones of our clients.


Mental health and addiction disorders carry stigma in our society. His House is proud to provide a safe space away from those stigmas. We maintain a judgment-free environment where people can speak freely, openly and without fear; our experienced staff have very often experienced this stigma themselves and are dedicated to avoiding it. Many clients think of our facilities to be a safe space, or even a home away from home, where they can focus on recovery free from outside influences.


Confidentiality is paramount within our treatment programs. We will never disclose details about your situation or treatment to anyone you don’t want informed. Addiction and mental health are such sensitive subjects, and we firmly believe in protecting our clients’ privacy. If they don’t want to disclose it to anyone else, they don’t have to.

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