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His House adheres to a carefully built treatment method that uses spirituality, patient education and individualized treatment as its cornerstones. While working closely with our patients, our qualified staff provides a safe place where you can learn about the effects of drug and alcohol addiction on your mind, body, and spirit. You and our team will develop an effective treatment plan that is just right for you. With the help of our highly trained staff and this plan, you’ll be on your way to getting your life back – and keeping it.

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Broad Spectrum of Treatment

Addiction comes in many forms and levels of severity. Whether you’re investigating options for a loved one or for yourself, you have come to the right place. His House Treatment Centers are experienced and equipped to combat addiction from its mildest forms to its most severe, and everything in between.

A Safe Place

His House Facilities provide a uniquely intimate environment where patients can receive the attention they need for a truly transformative experience. Our state-licensed and highly accredited centers hold firmly to the idea that working closely with you in a comfortable and safe place will help you gain the life skills that are necessary for a full recovery from your addiction. We will stick with you every step of the way so that you’ll rejoin your life clean, strong, happy and equipped to combat the possibility of relapse.

Individualized Attention

Here at His House, we know that every struggle with addiction is unique and that a “cookie-cutter” approach is not an effective one. Our holistic approach addresses the underlying struggles within your mind, body and spirit that may be the causes of – and contributors to – your losing battle with your addiction. His House focuses on the cause of your disease rather than the symptoms so that your therapy is not only effective in defeating your addiction, but helping to ensure that it never comes back. As you enjoy the feeling of freedom from the addiction that brought you to His House, you’ll realize that you can now enjoy freedom from the inner struggle that caused your addiction in the first place.

Fully Accessible Support

Addiction is a life threatening disease and His House Treatment Centers are dedicated to saving as many lives as possible. Call our admissions counselors any time – 24 hours a day – for your assessment.

His House accepts most insurance plans, provides affordable treatment, and even has options for those without coverage. Get started on your new life by calling now. You’ll have no obligation, it’s free, and it’s your first step to freedom.

A Strong Plan

The first step in your journey to true health and happiness is no small challenge, but you’re here and that’s a terrific start. His House recognizes that the best approach to true recovery is backing this first step up with a solid plan. This plan will involve you and all of the resources we have in place to be right there for you every step of the way. Your path to recovery is marked by the greatest professionals available. Knowledgeable and compassionate Drug and Alcohol Counselors, Case Managers, Social Workers, Psychiatrists, and even Pastoral Care Providers are all here to work closely on your victory over addiction.

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Customized Treatment Plans

Your addiction is yours alone and should be treated that way. Effective treatment is individualized treatment. There are no generalized approaches at His House. This is why our treatment works.

Affordable Treatment Options

Our facilities are not big, expensive hospitals. They are comfortable homes placed throughout Southern California that provide safe and affordable places to win your battle with addiction. Even if you are without insurance coverage, His House has options for you.

Christian Programs

Addiction is a disease that runs throughout homes and families. His House offers a unique spiritual approach to healing that will give your life back to you, but also give you back to the people you love.

His House Men & Women's Recovery Programs

There are many levels and approaches to the war with addiction here at His House Treatment Centers. Our experienced professionals are qualified and equipped to handle everything from the intensity of a family intervention to educating loved ones about the destructive effects of drug and alcohol addiction.


Drug Treatment

Perhaps an area where individualized treatment is most important, His House knows how many different types of addiction one can encounter. Our intimate and well-planned approach to drug addiction is the best there is. Ask us how we can help you finally get free.

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Residential Treatment

Alcohol Treatment

Over half of our nation’s incarcerated population admits that alcohol was in some way involved in their crimes. It’s legal, relatively easy to get, and can destroy you and your family from the inside out. Let His House take your hand and guide you back to the way it used to be.

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Outpatient Treatment

Mental Health

It is very common for addiction to be accompanied by mental and emotional health disorders. His House has the knowledge and experience to identify such conditions and the compassionate staff to treat them, even if addiction isn’t part of the problem. Call today to learn more about how we can help you take away the pain and confusion for good.

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Family Program

Detox Options

Knowing that you need to get clean is an important step, but trying to detox on your own can be dangerous and even life threatening. Let the medical professionals at His House help you with this challenging effort. Without supervision, you expose yourself to the possibility of very dangerous complications like heart failure or stroke. Detox safely. Call His House for help today.

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Emotional Wellness


His House provides intimate and safe locations in gorgeous Southern California that are homes instead of hospitals. These comfortable environments are here for you to engage the battle of your addiction in a place that offers the blessings and benefits of home and nature.

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Christian Track

Christian Track

The best approach to anything in life is an approach that is rooted in faith. At His House, we welcome your relationship with God and recognize that He wants all things to come together for your good. Your mind, body, and spirit depend on this connection and it is one that you’ll find here in our centers. Let us help you find the life He intended for you to enjoy.

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