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His House addiction treatment facilities and mental health treatment facilities understand that willpower alone often is not enough to overcome a crippling addiction or ongoing mental health disorder. This is why were are proud to provide a wide array of resources to aid in rehabilitation for all out patients. No matter if you prefer an inpatient stay, a PHP detox, attending 12 step meetings, or just want to talk, we are there to offer an individualized program to give you the tools to rebuild your life.

Types of Resources Available

Pre-Intake Resources

As every individual is unique so should every treatment plan be unique. His and Her House provides complete pre-screening assessments to focus upon the individual plan for treating each patient. This is normally accomplished the first time you call or reach out to us. Afterward, a full medical assessment is done at when you are ready to come in. These tests help us devise a personalized treatment plan for addiction or mental health recovery.

Resources After Admission

His House facilities offer multiple resources to assist your recovery after you’ve joined us. Our onsite nutritionists will plan your diet to optimal nutritional value, faith-based programs and Christian programs for those looking to connect or reconnect with God into their recovery, group and experiential therapies (such as outdoor therapy), and science-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and neurofeedback sessions.

Resources for Families

The His and Her House “Seven Realities Program” is geared specifically to educate and assist the families of our clients to make their way through the rehabilitation process. We can help the families to identify and cease enabling behavior, address the issues in the family caused by addiction, recognize codependent behaviors, and get counseling as a family. These and the other resources for families are enormously helpful in the ultimate continuation of sobriety.

Resources After Discharge

His and Her House alumni programs are an amazing way to continue the journey toward recovery long after you’ve finished an intensive program. Participation in our alumni program, or in one of our IOP programs, can also help recovering addicts build upon the relationships made while in residential treatment. We will also help you find meetings such as NA or AA to continue along the 12 step programs you’ve started while with us at His and Her House.

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