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Chapters And Meetings

Chapters And Meetings

One of the best ways for men to find support after leaving His House is to attend regular meetings. There are chapters in every state, and there are numerous types of support meetings that recovering addicts can attend. If you want to be able to stay strong in the face of recovery, and stand tall instead of relapse, going to these meetings is a very important part of your relapse prevention plan.

“Why were drunks, almost always, persons of talent, personality, lovable qualities, gifts, brains, assets of all kinds (else why would anyone care?); why were so many brilliant men alcoholic?” ― Charles Jackson

Going to Meetings Depends On Your Specific Needs

There are three main organizations where you can attend a meeting after rehab for men, and each depends on the type of addiction you or your loved one faced. You can choose between AA, NA, and Al-Anon.

AA (Alcoholics Anonymous)

Alcoholics Anonymous is set up to be able to help those recovering from alcoholism have a support network while going through the tenets of recovery.  They help you maneuver through the 12 steps until you are living a life that is consistently free of alcohol.

NA (Narcotics Anonymous)

Narcotics Anonymous is for those who are recovering from a drug addiction.  You can find the support you need to stay clean and learn from the advice of others who have gone through the same things you have gone through.


Al-Anon is a support group set up for families of those afflicted with an addiction to be able to help themselves survive along with the addict.  It helps teach family members how not to enable their loved one, and how to get the support they specifically need to move forward with their lives, despite what their loved one chooses in terms of addiction.

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