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Panic Disorder Treatment Center

Panic Disorder Treatment Center

Panic attacks are a quick upsurge of astounding anxiety and fear. Your heart beats rapidly and you can’t breathe. You may even feel like you are about to die or go insane. Panic disorders can lead to constant panic attacks. If you have continual panic attacks, it could lead to isolation and veer you away from your normal activities. On the other hand, panic disorders are treatable and the sooner you get help, the better. Panic disorder treatment can help you lessen or remove the symptoms of panic and reclaim management of your life mentally and physically. Panic disorder often includes the following symptoms:

  • Frequent and sudden panic attacks that are not linked to a specific situation
  • Uneasiness about having another panic attack
  • Changing behavior because of panic attacks – like avoidance of places and situations related to a previous attack
“A panic attack goes from 0 to 100 in an instant; it’s halfway between feeling like you’ll faint and feeling like you’ll die.” - Unknown

Although a specific panic attack lasts for only a few minutes, the effects of the experience often have a large impact. If you experience panic disorder, the repeated panic attacks will have an emotional consequence. The recollection of excessive fear and terror impacts your self-confidence and causes severe interruption to your everyday life. Ultimately, it leads to more serious symptoms like:

  • Anticipatory anxiety – This happens when you cannot find time to relax anymore; instead, you are in between panic attacks, feeling restless and tense. This anxiety appears when you fear possible approaching panic attacks.
  • Phobic avoidance – This happens when you avoid certain situations or surroundings that you think might cause a panic attack. This can also spring from the belief that a certain event or environment might trigger another panic attack. When this becomes uncontrollable, it becomes what is called agoraphobia.

Agoraphobia and Panic Disorder

Agoraphobia was once thought as associated with a fear of open and public places. However, it is now considered as a complication of panic attacks. With agoraphobia, you may have a fear of having panic attacks in places where the situation can be difficult to handle or embarrassing. You might be scared of having panic attacks where you wouldn’t be able to get comfortable.

Agoraphobia and other panic disorders greatly affects a person’s everyday life. It can hinder you from doing normal activities that you typically do. In the most extreme cases, the only place you may feel safe is at home. Some actions you might avoid include:

  • Staying away from home
  • Going public places
  • Social events like gatherings where a panic attack can be embarrassing
  • Physical strain that could trigger a panic attack
  • Eating foods or drinks that could cause a panic attack

Importance of treatment

“It takes strength to live with panic disorder. So, don’t you dare think I am weak because my panic attacks would drop you to your knees.” - Unknown

Panic disorder is a treatable illness. You do not have to suffer from the effects of it. Early treatment is very beneficial as it lessens the likelihood for patients to withdraw from your everyday activities. Some helpful treatment activities that help you lessen the symptoms of panic disorder include:

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