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IOP Treatment Center

IOP Treatment Center

A Primer on IOP

An intensive outpatient program is a primary treatment, recommended for both patients who don’t require a medically-supervised detox process and to those who have completed a drug or alcohol residential rehab program but want continued, intensive aftercare.

Sometimes an addiction or mental health issue doesn’t require long-term inpatient treatment, or the patient cannot afford to spend weeks or months away from work or other obligations. In these cases, IOP treatment programs are a happy medium which still can provide carefully planned treatment.

IOP Treatment

This treatment program also enables recovering patients to continue their therapy after completing their successful detox. It only requires a part-time but intensive therapy schedule that is customized to the patient’s daily work and family life.

Usually, an IOP treatment provides individual or group services that can take from 10 to 12 hours a week. With this convenient time requirement, the patient can undergo treatment without interrupting his work. He can get drug or alcohol addiction treatment in a designated facility in the morning or after his working hours.

Why Is Intensive Outpatient Program Important?

IOP is important in recovering the mental balance of those who are in different stages of alcohol or drug addiction treatment. This program is different from inpatient or residential treatment programs in that the treatment provided is part-time only.

But although it is not time-consuming, IOP is more comprehensive since it involves a long duration of treatment. Traditional outpatient programs are limited to just a few therapy sessions.

“Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness.” – Richard Carlson

Aside from being a more accessible option for some, IOP is a valuable tool in the long-term maintenance for continued recovery of our patients. It provides them regular support from our network of addiction and mental health professionals. His House understands that sobriety and recovery from mental health issues are not one-time fixes; they almost always require constant vigilance on the part of the patient and his support circle to maintain.

If you are struggling with addictions or mental issues, or suspect they are occurring in someone you know, IOP could be an effective way to treat the problem for the long term.

Benefits Provided By IOP

Long-term recovery is possible with IOP because it can provide the following benefits:

  • It allows the patient to maintain work, family, and educational commitments. Since IOP is only part-time, a patient can continue doing his work, go to school, maintain his daily activities with his family, and live a normal life while undergoing therapy.
  • It provides a structured program for those suffering from severe addictions or mental health issues to continue their recovery after residential treatment.
  • There is a balance between day-to-day life and recovery-focused activities, preparing the patient to cope even after IOP is done.

Support and content

Recovering patients need all the support they can get from families, friends and other recovering patients. Great comfort is provided to the patient when, after every session, he returns to his loving family for support and encouragement. His House encourages family members to be involved in IOP treatment, via group therapy sessions, family therapy sessions, and educational activities which can help the family avoid enabling and codependent behavior.

Experience the Results

IOP can address alcoholism, addiction and almost any kind of mental health concern. Since each person has his own personality traits and character, the personalized client-driven His House IOP provides a great chance for each individual we help to achieve and maintain long-term sobriety.

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