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PHP Treatment Center

One of the most successful treatment programs for rehabilitating drug and alcohol addicts is the partial hospitalization program. It may sound very technical, but really, this program is straightforward in its approach.

PHP Treatment Center

A recovering patient needs all the help he could get to be able to restore his mental balance as he tries to re-enter society and undergoing such programs is his best chance to achieve this objective.

What Is Partial Hospitalization Program?

PHP is known to its practitioners as an outpatient program. But according to the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, PHP is a treatment process that is time limited and is medically supervised. This program offers the patient a comprehensive, structured, coordinated and therapeutically clinical service that will improve the chances that his recovery will be for the long term.

The patient can choose from several options offered by the treatment program. His options for the frequency of treatments are:

  • Five days a week
  • Half-days
  • Weekends
  • Evening sessions

PHPs could be stand-alone or they can be integrated into a broader program, but they should always be distinct and identified as a separate but organized unit.

Main Focus of the Program

The program’s main focus is on the intensive addiction or mental health treatment therapies. These therapies may include the following:

  • Individual therapy – provided in private by an expert counselor in depression or addictions that will help the patient explore the triggers and causes of his addiction or mental health disorder, and develop methods to cope with and overcome them in the long term.
  • Family therapy – since it is often difficult for the patient to honestly evaluate himself, his family is called in to help so that there will be an accurate assessment of his situation. In addition, family members are sometimes the trigger or enabler of the problem, therefore including them in the therapy is important.
  • Group therapy – provided by a professional treatment facilitator with a group of patients undergoing different stages of recovery. A group is important in developing a solid support group that can help the individual after he completes the PHP program.
“Mental illness leaves a huge legacy, not just for the person suffering it but for those around them.” – Lysette Anthony

Who Needs To Undergo PHP?

Those who have undergone inpatient drug and alcohol rehab, as well as addicts or mental health sufferers who cannot enter residential treatment, are the ones who will benefit the most with PHPs. These patients may need counseling and therapy on transitional living before they can fully re-enter the society at large. PHP is also effective for those who require more structure and supervision than what is provided for by the intensive outpatient program, but less restrictive than the residential inpatient program he may have completed.

What are the Benefits of PHP?

After undergoing partial hospitalization program, a patient will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Recovery for the long term greatly enhanced. Through the help of counselors, a support network, and family members, a patient can be confident that his sobriety and treatment plan for mental illness can be scheduled, structured, and supervised in the foreseeable future.
  • Enhanced interaction. This program will not isolate the patient, but will provide him with a group therapy that will enable him to interact with other patients, social workers, nurses, psychiatrists, and other mental health professionals.
“Mental illness, of course, is not literally a 'thing' - or physical object - and hence it can 'exist' only in the same sort of way in which other theoretical concepts exist.” – Thomas Szasz

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