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5 Healthy Habits to Adopt after Successful Detox

July 27, 2017 - - 0 Comments

The process of addiction recovery allows people to make life changes to assist in the maintenance of sobriety even in the face of temptation and stress. Learning about healthier habits and developing coping mechanisms are often the most successful ways of ensuring permanent sobriety after a treatment program at a drug detox center has been completed.

Here, we list 5 healthy habits that can be adopted to ensure the successful continuance of addiction recovery.

  • Leaning on a Support System

Learning to lean on others for support is often one of the most difficult things an addict has to learn in addiction treatment. Where lines of communication may have been cut completely with family and friends when in the grips of addiction, they can be opened and made strong again with the right kind of counseling.

By re-learning how to depend on others and share problems to make them smaller, patients in recovery can form better and stronger relationships with the people closest to them which can provide essential support after drug detox.

  • Developing a Positive Self-Image

Feelings of worthlessness and depression can be overwhelming for patients and can act as a trigger for relapse into addiction. These feelings tend to completely cloud judgment and often prompt patients to seek refuge and escape in substance abuse.

Drug or alcohol addiction can lead to self-esteem issues which are important to address for a successful recovery. Learning how to have a more positive attitude is particularly difficult for people who have been completely cocooned by addiction and the unhealthy attitudes and behaviors that accompany it. Nevertheless, a more positive outlook is essential to improve mental health as this provides patients with the tools to maintain sobriety, particularly in the early stages of drug detox.

  • Keeping Active

A commitment to an addiction treatment program is one of the biggest health improvements an addict can achieve in the initial stages. However, detox and rehab treatments do not achieve overnight results and because it’s a long-haul journey, keeping physically active is vital in any recovery program.

Studies show that physical exercise has enormous benefits as it boosts energy levels and improves the state of mind as well as developing healthier habits for the body. Perhaps the most important aspect of exercise from a recovering patient’s point of view is that it is proven to reduce cravings for alcohol and drugs and considerably boosts self-esteem.

  • Keep Away From Addiction Replacements

It is not uncommon for patients in recovery to replace one addictive habit with another, such as smoking cigarettes for example. All this does is transfers focus from one unhealthy attitude to another and so in many respects ‘cancels out’ any detox treatment being received.

However, it is possible to replace unhealthy behaviors with healthy ones as part of a successful drug rehab program. By replacing negative habits with positive ones, there’s a better chance of sustaining a sober future.

  • Volunteering Support for Others

There’s often nothing more sobering when in addiction treatment, than encountering others who may still be in the grips of substance abuse. By helping others in more need than themselves, recovering patients get to focus on another individual and the issues they face, rather than their own.

Volunteer work is also an effective way of combating feelings of worthlessness. By doing something meaningful and important for others in a similar situation, it’s easier to see the damaging effects addiction from an objective perspective, which can be extremely thought-provoking. Ultimately, addiction is a lonely situation and no one understands that more than a recovering addict. By reaching out to others and making a positive difference in their lives, a great sense of achievement and fulfillment can be achieved.

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