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Why Men Should Stay With the Men for Addiction Recovery

December 7, 2015 - , , , - 0 Comments

Why Should Drug and Alcohol Treatment Be Gender-Specific?

There are plenty of drug and alcohol treatment centers that are co-ed, but also quite a few that are gender-specific. What is the difference? How can you tell which setting is best for you? It is important to make sure that you consider the options and find a treatment option that is best for you or your loved one.

Let’s talk about co-ed treatment first. Sometimes treatment centers do not have the resources to separate men and women into different facilities. It can be difficult, especially in small towns and rural areas, where there may not be options to have multiple rehabilitation centers so men and women participate in treatment together. Another reason men and women receive treatment together is that people may believe that it is good for clients to experience real-life situations, experiencing relationships with both males and females just like they will when they leave treatment.

What’s the rationale for gender-specific treatment? Why should men go to treatment with other men, and females with other females? The obvious answer is distraction. Sexual and romantic attraction is always a possibility in mixed settings. Another reason is that men and women may feel more comfortable sharing about struggles in group settings if they are separated. Men may struggle to let go of their pride if they are around women, worried about impressing others and showing their weaknesses. Women may struggle to share traumatic experiences, especially those that relate to abuse from other men. Most importantly, one of the biggest reasons for clients leaving treatment early or relapsing after leaving treatment is romantic relationships that they make with others in treatment centers. Most drug and alcohol counselors recommend that those who struggle with addiction have a long amount of clean time before entering into a relationship. Mixed treatment centers provide a temptation for people to rush into romance, ignoring this advice.

It is important for each individual to assess their personal strengths and weaknesses in this area, deciding which type of treatment can help them avoid potential pitfalls. If you have questions or concerns related to choosing treatment, reach out to several treatment facilities. You’ll find people that can answer questions and explain more to you about choosing the right place for you.

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