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Why Men Are Successful in Drug Treatment in Southern California

October 19, 2015 - , , , , - 0 Comments

Men Call On Family Strength to Overcome Addiction

Family life is great in Southern California; it is a wonderful place to enjoy time with friends and loved ones. The year-round warm weather combines with beautiful coastlines and beaches, and the region offers many activities and natural features that helps one connect with its diverse communities. The area has excellent outdoor opportunities for togetherness that range from surfing, boating and water sports to nature trails in the majestic hills near the coast. Addictions can rob Southern California men of the joys of outdoor life and the benefits of a loving family and circle of friends. Addictions can take over a life and reduce it to behaviors aimed at getting drugs or alcohol.

In Treatment One Size Does Not Fit All

The nature of the addiction and the individual’s life circumstance are important factors in selecting the right treatment facilities. To be successful, drug treatment must address the whole person and not just the addiction. Treatment must evaluate the individual and begin the difficult task of finding the causes and any physical or mental conditions that may be involved. The initial step is a thorough assessment to support a recommendation for treatment.

Shedding Light into the Darkness

Families have questions and need information to make important decisions. The addict’s decision to seek treatment is an opportunity to change a life. There are treatment centers near the home area, but sometimes the best selection is further away. For some individuals, it is best to move the site of treatment away from the familiar home area. We can help, our experience includes many facilities, types of addictions and treatment plans. We can answer the questions and concerns about treatment and provide information to help make the best selection.

Costs and Payment Resources

Rehabilitation services can be expensive. Full-time inpatient care involves costs for facilities and personnel. Government vouchers, private insurance policies, and health insurance are important sources of funds for rehab. We have helpful experience with the major forms of insurance and the leading providers.

The Road to Recovery

After the initial set of treatments, the recovering addict must build a new set of ways to live without intoxication. Once back in the home and community, he must learn to make decisions that reinforce the lifetime commitment to sobriety. The support of friends and family will be an important asset and part of the necessary support system.

Ready to Help Families

We stand by to help recovering addicts and their families find the best possible combination of financial resources, insurance coverage and treatment facilities. The opportunity to start a lifetime commitment to sobriety needs the best possible chance of success. Long-term recovery depends on selecting the right program and providing immediate access to detoxification and treatment.

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