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5 Reasons A Long Term Substance Abuse Treatment Center Is Better

March 24, 2014 - , , , , - 0 Comments

We are living in a time when the acceptance, understanding and availability of treatment for drug and alcohol issues is at its highest. There are many benefits to attending long term treatment if given the opportunity. Below are a few reasons to consider.

5. Interaction with staff

By signing up for a longer term substance abuse treatment program, the individual will have the opportunity to connect more readily with treatment staff. Even better, if an individual is able to attend in-patient treatment, interactions with the clinical staff are possible 24/7. Staff can help if medical or emotional issues get triggered in the middle of the night, for example.

4. Time to prepare for transition to back home

Treatment is based in the here and now. What can be left out, however, is a plan for what to do when an individual leaves the treatment setting and transitions home.

h2>3. Longer term treatment affords the opportunity to screen for, diagnose, and possibly treat underlying mental health issues

While engaged in longer term treatment, an individual will most likely have the ability to meet with a doctoral level psychologist and possibly a psychiatrist. Mental health issues will be addressed if there is time to do the appropriate assessment.

3. Connection to other individuals and members in treatment groups cement and take shape

In time, after connections have been made with other patients, much of the meat of the work happens. Good working theraputic groups do not form overnight.

Time equals practice, equals higher rates of success
The gift of time is one of the greatest gifts of all. This is especially true in treatment. 10 day rehab vs. 120 day, for example, is a completely different experience. Time gives a person perspective, strength, practice, and hopefully, sustained sobriety.

The advantages of long term substance abuse treatment are many. Many people leave treatment much too soon only to return to their unhealthy lifestyles in a short time. The more time a person has to begin to not only recover, but also to learn how to live in a new way, the more likely the individual will have success for years to come.

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