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The 5 Telltale Signs of Drug Addiction

July 18, 2017 - , - 0 Comments

Signs of Drug AddictionOne of the most significant aspects of addiction is secrecy. Possibly tied in with denial, addicts are capable of maintaining a surprisingly sober front for family and friends although they will nevertheless be exhibiting the tell-tale signs that they are in the grips of addiction. It’s helpful for an addict’s loved ones to know how to recognize telling behaviors so that drug addiction treatment can be sought at the earliest possible opportunity.

#1 Responsibilities go Neglected

Becoming completely unreliable is a distinct sign of either addiction or depression caused as a result. An addict will frequently fail to show up for work or college, blow off appointments without notice, become lazy around the home and always have an excuse for why they’re behaving in this way. When challenged, addicts can be quick to become defensive as a result of the underlying guilt they feel because of their substance abuse. Conflict often ensues when someone who is struggling with drugs or alcohol are confronted with the consequences of their poor behavior, largely because they are not able to accept responsibility.

#2 Development of Apathy

If someone was once a passionate artist or committed athlete and suddenly seems to stop enjoying these activities or seem to be reducing their involvement in what was once a favorite pastime, this could be a sign they need treatment for drug addiction. Drugs and alcohol are both capable of acting as a depressant, which increases lethargy and anxiety to an extent that individuals become trapped in a vicious circle of using to feel better. This is often accompanied by a drop in interest in activities, pastimes, and hobbies and ultimately, daily life altogether as the addict becomes withdrawn from society.

#3 Relationship Problems

Addiction doesn’t just affect the person suffering but also everyone close to them. Lines of communication which may have been open before might be closed completely as they retreat into a world of drugs or alcohol which naturally gives rise to problems in their significant relationships. The fights caused by addictive behavior can be extremely damaging to families, with members becoming estranged as a consequence.

#4 Financial Difficulties

This is possibly one of the most obvious tell-tale signs that someone has an addiction problem. That’s because not only does a drink or drug habit require funding, usually the addict has lost the ability to earn enough to feed it. This leads to devious behavior and requests for loans that are never paid back and in worse case scenarios, addicts can become capable of stealing from the people closest to them. If a member of the family is constantly claiming to be broke and yet they have no real reason why they can’t keep hold of money, addiction is more than likely to be the cause.

#5 Changes in Personal Hygiene and Weight

A tell-tale sign that someone has addiction issues are rapid weight losses or gains because often people addicted to drugs or alcohol would rather use than eat. They can also use too much mouthwash or scented body spray to conceal the smell of drugs or drink and start to neglect other areas of personal hygiene. The principal reason for this is that an addict is completely focused on getting the next fix to the extent that they completely let their appearances go.


When a family member needs drug addiction treatment, it is often others who recognize the signs they need help first. Someone who is in the grips of an alcohol or drug addiction is often the last to accept they have a problem and although treatment is always more effective when the addict is motivated to seek help for themselves, a push in the right direction by a loved one certainly won’t hurt. Addiction has a widespread consequence that is not isolated to the person using and it is accepting this fact that is crucial to an addict’s successful recovery.

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