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6 New Drug and Alcohol Treatment Options

December 14, 2016 - , , - 0 Comments

Alcohol TreatmentWith an increasing number of people suffering from alcohol and drug dependence, it is not surprising for healthcare professionals to come up with alternative options in treating addiction.  Nowadays, more and more drug and alcohol treatment centers are trying to implement these alternatives to combat addiction.  

Combined 12-step Self-Help Program and Alcoholics Anonymous

A combination of the 12-step program and Alcoholics Anonymous participation is seen to be more effective in treating alcohol-related problems than just going with either of the two.  When an alcoholic participates in both therapeutic treatments, they are able to carry out a more sustained abstinence.  

Along with the process, addicts undergoing the conventional therapeutic element, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, learn to cope with the problem and change unhealthy behavioral problems.  Also, being enrolled in Alcoholics Anonymous can be beneficial as a fellowship replaces the patient’s drinking friends with friendship among fellow AA members who can contribute to the motivation and support for managing abstinence.  

Additionally, alcohol consumption among alcoholics tends to be reduced because of the reinforcement of the structured psychotherapy that is both present in the AA approach and the 12-step self-help program.  

Co-quitting Alcohol and Nicotine

Nicotine and alcohol dependence are interrelated largely because of the way they interact in the brain.  Drug and alcohol treatment studies have shown that simultaneously treating both addictions can be helpful in reducing the consumption of both and is likely to enhance long-term sobriety.

Motivational Enhancement Therapy

This new counseling approach is seen to be the most cost-effective.  The method of provides participants with an effective plan through which they can resolve their hesitancy about engaging in the treatment process and cease their alcohol and drug use.

MET provides a brisk and deep down motivation, rather than teaching the patients with the step by step process.  The initial session often involves a sequence of assessments coupled with stimulating discussions about the addiction.  With succeeding sessions, coping strategies are implied along with monitoring changes and encouragements for commitment to sustained abstinence.  

Brief Interventions

Brief interventions are not like the conventional treatment process offered by drug and alcohol treatment centers.  The process is short one-on-one counseling. This is where the person is given a straightforward information regarding the negative impact of alcoholism.  This also includes effective brief counseling, strategies in combating alcoholism, and community resources to attain moderate consumption or abstinence. Brief intervention is generally used for people who are at a high risk of developing alcohol-related complications and aims to cut down their alcohol consumption.

Addiction Pharmacotherapy

Addiction pharmacotherapy is the use of medications to prevent alcohol and drug related problems.  It substitutes the addict’s drug of choice with a medically and legally prescribed remedy.  Pharmacotherapy also targets correction of underlying problems and disorders such as depression.

Although this treatment process may not be potent for everyone, it helps manage their addiction and allows them to dedicate their time to improving their lives.  Once their condition is stable, patients would often find themselves seeking a drug-free environment by gradually decreasing the dosage or can be contented with the maintenance plan.

Addiction-Focused Couples Therapy

There are different treatment programs offered for families who are dealing with addiction.  They incorporate the family unit as a whole, providing the needed support and guidance to combat addiction from alcohol and illegal drugs.  Addiction-focused couples therapy can either be an outpatient or inpatient treatment that is aimed at treating disorders and their partners.

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