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7 Ways to Tell Your Spouse You’re Going to Rehab

July 3, 2017 - - 0 Comments

7 Ways to Tell Your Spouse You're Going to RehabRecovering from any kind of addiction is not an easy process. It can be made easy by having the right people around you -whether that be friends, family or even drug and alcohol counselors. However, sometimes even more tools are needed to set you on the right path. This often includes the likes of alcohol rehabilitation centers, which often have many resources to help patients get through their addictions and come out the other end stronger.

Stepping onto the path of recovery may not be something that you do alone, however. There are many people involved and your spouse or partner could indeed be one of those people. In fact, out of anyone, they’re the person you’ll probably want to tell the most. Unfortunately, it can be difficult especially with the negative connotations that are attached to alcohol rehab centers and similar institutes. You may even think that attending a rehab center is a source of shame. Remember, though: it is nothing to be ashamed of and is, in fact, a sign of strength.

So how do you break the news to your spouse? You’ll be surprised to find that there are a number of ways:

  • Explain your reasons for going to rehab: Some people may need a bit of time to understand why you would choose to go to a rehabilitation center. While your spouse may understand it rationally, it could still be an emotional shock. You therefore also need to give a bit of time for the news to sink in.
  • Explain communication while in rehab: Depending on the center you go to, you may not be able to communicate as frequently. When telling your spouse, explain that you’ll make them a priority to talk to so that they know you are doing fine. You can also see if you can set up a visitor’s arrangement.
  • Managing your emotions: Telling your spouse is not only going to have an impact on them but also on you as it can be a very emotional conversation for both involved. Make sure that you get the right kind of emotional help and support with a counselor before you have this conversation.
  • Explain the things you’re doing to get better: You can also try “easing” your spouse into the idea of rehab. Talk about what you’ve been covering in any counseling sessions you’ve been going to (though you don’t have to reveal absolutely everything you’ve spoken about with your counselor – that is up to you).
  • Go through the rehab literature with them: Another way to make your partner feel more at ease is to talk about the various alcohol rehab centers you’re thinking of going to. In this way, they will also get used to the idea.
  • Be honest about the length of time you’ll be there: Even if it seems to be a while, express clearly that it’s not going to be forever.
  • Explain the benefits: If you need total abstinence and isolation from alcohol, then explaining that this is the best solution is also a good idea.

While these may seem to be simple solutions, understand that every person is different. You know your spouse well enough to have an idea of how they are going to take the news. As a result, make sure to use the approach you think will work best.

Rehab is supposed to be a life-changing experience that gets you back on track. Even though you may relapse, understand that this is also part of the process. This is something that you should also explain to your spouse as well so that expectations can be managed accordingly.

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