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8 Things You Should Do This Summer After You Get Out of Rehab

June 8, 2016 - , , - 0 Comments

Successfully completing rehab is an amazing accomplishment. The road ahead is still paved with difficulty, but the hardest part of your journey is behind you. As summer ushers you into a new season in your life, her are 8 things you should do as you leave rehab.

Get Friends

Upon leaving rehab, you need to surround yourself with sober friends. Summer makes for a great opportunity to get involved in community activities.

Get Moving

Old friends aren’t the only threat to sobriety. Old hangouts can be just as dangerous. Moving on, literally means moving on. Take the summer to find a new place to live. It may seem like a lot of work, but staying clean is worth the effort.

Get Busy

Take advantage of the warm days of summer to take up a new hobby or pursue an activity that has always held your interest. When you are busy, it is easier to stay sober.

Get Healthy

Drugs and alcohol can take a toll on your health. Now that you are sober it is time to start rebuilding your body. Summer is the perfect season for so many outdoor activities. Take a swim class, walk on the beach, or jog in the park. With summer also comes fresh fruit and vegetable season. Take a stroll through a farmer’s market and nourish your body with wholesome food.

Get Relaxed

Stress can trigger a relapse. Try and sync yourself with the slower pace of summer. Find activities that help you relax. Yoga, getting a massage or even a long nap on a shaded porch are all great ways to let go of stress.

Get Altruistic

In rehab you spent a lot of time focusing on yourself. It was necessary to break your addiction. It can be therapeutic to spend time helping others. There are many volunteer opportunities available during the summer. It should be easy to find one that suits your talents.

Get Celebratory

Take time this summer to celebrate your sobriety. Go to a concert, buy something you have always wanted or treat yourself to a new look. The point is to do something for you that shows yourself just how happy you are to embark on a new life.

Get Support

In the hustle and bustle of new activities, it is easy to forget the most important thing you must do upon leaving rehab. You much set up a network of support. Attend twelve step meetings, check in with your sponsor and keep in touch with those you met in rehab.

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