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8 Ways Your Addiction Could Leave You Needing a Lawyer

September 30, 2015 - , , - 0 Comments

Alcohol and drug abuse and legal troubles often go hand-in-hand. Addiction can cause you to need a lawyer for any of these eight reasons.

Driving under the Influence

All 50 states have DUI laws on the books. When you drive inebriated or high, you put yourself at risk of being arrested for driving under the influence. Whether it is your first offense or your fifth, you will need a lawyer to help you avoid jail time, expensive fines, and other consequences like losing your job or your driver’s license.


Many addicts support their habits by dealing drugs themselves. If you are arrested for dealing in illegal substances, you often cannot escape a jail sentence without an attorney’s help. Dealing drugs will cause you to need to retain an attorney.


Addicts also support their habits by stealing and selling or pawning off whatever they have stolen from others. Even a first time charge of theft could result in a lengthy stint in jail. Your only option to avoid the worst punishment from a theft charge would be to hire a lawyer.


When you are high or drunk, you may be unable to control your temper. If you get in a bar fight or duke it out with someone in private or at home, you put yourself at risk of being arrested for fighting. An attorney could be your solution to staying out of jail and getting off easier with a fine or community service.

Domestic Violence

Many drug addicts and alcoholics face domestic violence charges at some point during their addictions. Most courts throughout the country treat domestic violence as a serious offense and dole out harsh punishments for this crime.

Child Custody and Child Support Issues

Drug addicts and alcoholics feed their habits before they take care of their children in many instances. Drug and alcohol addiction could cause you to lose custody of your children and also face punishments for not paying your child support.

Accidental Bodily Harm

Being under the influence of a controlled substance or alcohol puts you at risk of accidentally hurting someone else. If you hit someone with your car, for example, while drunk or high, you will likely face jail time and financial punishments.


If you fail to escape any of these legal risks and land yourself in jail, you will still need an attorney to help you secure bail or petition the court to reduce your sentence. Without an attorney’s help, you may have to serve the full sentence for your charge.

Drug and alcohol addiction carries with it serious legal risks. You can avoid these risks today by seeking help for your addiction or getting help for the addict in your family.

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