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Addiction Treatment that Works (And What Doesn’t)

January 31, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Addiction TreatmentIntroduction

For sake of a definition, alcoholism and drug addiction are the same disease. They have nuances, pedantic differences, but the only real distinction is that one drug is legal to use and generally accepted in moderation while others are defined as being outside of the boundaries accepted by modern society. With that said, there are some drug addiction treatment solutions which work for both and other treatments which may provide short term sobriety but are simply not sustainable in the long run.

Going at It Alone

Every addict has heard a fairy tale or myth about someone who was an addict and quit drug use by themselves. Such a story is simply not true, but the story can be explained. Either the person who quit using was not in fact an addict, or they went to prison and their supply was cut off, or they died. Without question,those are the only three people who can go at it alone and succeed without the resources provided by drug addiction treatment centers.

Support of Family and Friends

Twelve step programs have been proven to be effective towards treating addiction, and there are other programs available for the few people with whom twelve steps doesn’t work, but every sobriety relies on help and support from other people. Ideally, the addict has family and friends who encourage recovery as a system already in place. When such support isn’t available, other addicts are going to be happy to share the hope and love they found in sobriety by welcoming the addict into their family, an extended community of people who want to share the grace they found through sobriety.


Professional counseling is always a part of drug abuse treatment. It is a rare exception to find an addict who simply did drugs recreationally until they became addicted, rather, there is always an underlying cause as to why the person felt a need for the drug in the first place. Without the counseling offered by drug addiction treatment centers, the underlying problem is never addressed and therefore addiction is the only solution left for the addict. It is in fact a part of the process of recovery to determine the pain which drugs and alcohol are treating so a more sustainable solution can be found which doesn’t include the effects of long term addiction for both the addict and the addict’s family.

Help from Others in Recovery

Whether support from family and friends is available or not, there is always going to be support from other people in recovery who understand what the addict is going through with their own sobriety. It is common for addicts to feel alone, Even though they aren’t alone. There is a community of people willing to provide support, hope, and understanding.

Inpatient Treatment and Sober Houses

After intervention, drug addiction usually requires inpatient treatment to find the cause of the addiction and teach the tools needed to live with sobriety. Every patient is different and specific means to fulfill the end goal vary accordingly. With that said, some methods are proven to have a high success rate and others almost never work. Inpatient treatment followed by living in a designated Sober House just, works, because it teaches the addict how to live without drugs and shows the possibilities which can be accomplished through an actual demonstration of the possibilities available to the addict who decides to live a life of sobriety. Ultimately, the gift is offered freely, it is up to the addict to either accept or refuse it.

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