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Beware of Bad Drug Rehabs in California and How To Spot Them

October 16, 2015 - , , , - 0 Comments

Taking the first step toward sobriety often requires entering rehab, whether as an outpatient or as a resident of the care facility. Taking this first step is a milestone that can change your life, especially when you choose drug rehabs that are geared toward a successful recovery. Learning more about what to look for when choosing a treatment center can help you choose a drug rehab that is right for you.

Training and Licenses

The staff at a professional drug rehab should be trained and licensed, and the services offered should be customized to suit your specific needs. For instance, do you have to choose between several pre-determined treatment programs, or does the staff work with you to create a treatment plan?

Bad rehabs are those that claim to offer personalized treatment, but in reality only allow clients to choose from existing treatment options. It is also important to inquire about detoxification services. Many rehab centers offer on-site detox centers to help you manage any withdrawal symptoms that you may experience.

Inpatient and Outpatient Services

Inpatient, outpatient and long-term residential care are all options for treatment. When entering rehab, the staff should interview you to learn ore about the addiction. Avoid rehab centers that only offer treatment plans for a pre-set number of days, as not everyone needs the standard 30, 60 or 90 day treatment. A more customized, flexible schedule allows you to recover at a pace that is right for your personal needs.

Paying for Rehab

If your insurance isn’t accepted, ask the rehab if payment plans are offered. Finding an affordable rehab is an important step toward recovery. A rehab that accepts your insurance, offers payment plans, or offers financial assistance allows you to focus on your recovery, rather than worrying about how to pay for the service.

Luxury and No-Frills Rehab Centers

An effective rehab isn’t always the one with the greatest number of amenities. In fact, rehab centers that offer amenities such as gourmet dining, yoga or other luxury treatments often cost more, but these types of treatment centers don’t offer any significant advantages over a no-frills rehab center. Opt for a treatment plan that is realistic, and skip the luxuries in favor of a treatment center that is staffed by well-trained substance abuse professionals.

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