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Can I Use My Parents Insurance To Get Into Rehab?

November 27, 2015 - , , , , - 0 Comments

Kids, teens and young adults can be easily influenced to try new things, including drugs. You may have tried some prescription pills, and then you moved onto heroin or other stronger substances. When you realize you have an addiction problem, your best solution for long-term sobriety is entering rehabilitation. In many cases, you can use your parents’ insurance to cover your rehab stay. However, there are limitations to this coverage that you must be aware of before signing a treatment agreement.

Dependent Coverage Required

You can use your parents’ insurance as long as you are listed as a dependent. Every year, health insurance is renewed by each policyholder. Your parents should have you covered for basic medical coverage unless you’re an adult with your own insurance policy. As a dependent, you should have the same coverage as your parents. Ask them for a copy of the insurance policy, so that you can start your rehab process.

Health Threat Consideration

In some cases, your parents’ policy may not cover addiction treatment outright. There could be certain circumstances that must be involved for the policy to take effect. If your overall health is declining because of drug use, such as cardiovascular problems, then the health insurance should cover rehab. The insurance company looks at the rehab as a means to stop the health issue at its core cause. Ideally, you should be a healthier person after rehab and require fewer doctor’s visits as a result.

Combining Rehab and Preexisting Condition

When you have a dual diagnosis, including addiction and bipolar depression, your health insurance often covers these ailments. You must visit your general practitioner to receive an official diagnosis before the rehab will be paid for, however. There must be proof that you have both medical issues in your life. Your parents’ insurance company then has the grounds to cover the treatment for both issues at the same time.

Being Admitted for Detox Only

It’s possible for health insurance companies to decline rehab processes altogether. You do have one option, however. If you enter detoxification instead of rehab, for example, the insurance must pay for the service. Detox is a medically necessary procedure that cannot be denied in most cases. Once you’re detoxified, you can return to the insurance provider and ask for rehab coverage. To avoid more detox charges, your parents’ insurance company may allow the rehab payout.

When you’re dealing with health insurance and rehab options, the entire situation may seem confusing. You’re always welcome to contact us with any questions whether you’re in treatment or not. When you consult with experts in the rehab field, you’ll be able to benefit from as much insurance coverage as possible. The ultimate goal should be your sobriety and a positive outlook in the future.

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