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Why Drug Detox Doesn’t Work without Professionally Trained Assistance

October 10, 2016 - , , - 0 Comments

Drug Detox TreatmentIntroduction

Detox is part of the process toward achieving long-term sobriety which every addict has to go through as part of recovery and treatment.  It’s a very rare occasion for someone to detox on their own successfully.  A trained specialist in the field can help with knowledge and experience to make the patient as comfortable as possible and alleviate the symptoms and illness that accompanies drug and alcohol withdrawals.  The professional can provide medications as needed along with motivation through counseling to help the addict through the drug detox process.

Addiction Always Beats Sheer Willpower

The problem with trying to go it alone is that addiction is a more powerful motivator than willpower.  Addiction will lie and trick the addict with thoughts such as, “Just this once…  One last time, then I can quit for good,” or the alternative, “I’m so sick, I’ll die if I don’t use, I have to use,” which only fuels the addiction and puts the patient back into a state of full addictive behavior.  The patient can’t think properly while in the throes of addiction, neither can they use rational thought processes while experiencing withdrawal.  Although the patient may realize the need for sobriety in their life, it takes more than willpower to attain such a goal.

Whether to Medicate or Use Natural Drug Detox

Another advantage of working with a specialist is the opportunity to ease the withdrawal symptoms through medication with professional oversight.  Medication can help relieve the pain associated with withdrawal and help the client sleep through much of the process.  Natural drug detox can be used to speed up the process or in some cases can be used alone as a resource during the detox process.  Natural detox involves plenty of water and exercises along with a healthy diet to help flush the toxins out of the system, and hobbies or other stimuli to distract from the discomfort of withdrawal.  Whether a fully natural detox can be used depends on the substance being withdrawn from and the level of addiction the patient is suffering.

Incorporating Faith/ Finding a Higher Power

One of the symptoms of addiction is a loss of faith and lack of belief in a higher power.  One aspect of addiction counseling is to help the client rekindle the relationship they once had with a higher power or realize there are forces stronger than themselves to which they can turn for strength and solace in times of need.  Some people are naturally quite devout and building a personal relationship with a higher power is a strong force in their recovery, others may not be so deeply spiritual but still require a minimal understanding of how a higher power provides strength when other inspirations toward sobriety are unavailable.

Developing a Long-Term Treatment Plan

Ultimately, detox has a dual goal.  First is the patient’s health and safety while going through the withdrawal process to clean their body of toxins and begin to think with a straight mind.  Secondly, detox allows an evaluation of each individual in order to develop a long-term treatment plan and ongoing recovery.  Even in the rare case in which an addict can “tough it out” through the detox process, they haven’t been equipped with the tools they need to maintain their sobriety.  Working with a professional for the detox process allows the addict to realize they aren’t alone but have people willing to help them find and maintain their recovery.  Additionally, they meet other addicts who can sympathize because they know the process firsthand.  A long term treatment program relies on the client understanding they don’t have to do it by themselves but can trust others to help them through the process.

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