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The Emotional Process of Finding Sobriety

November 28, 2016 - - 0 Comments


Supporting handsSobriety is an ongoing process which never truly ends although it does tend to get easier over time.  There’s no denying how much fun it was to get high, to evade the feelings of pain but rather ignore life and its potential for feeling fulfilled with success and accomplishments while learning from rather than ignoring failures.  With most addicts, the feeling of emotion was avoiding during drug and alcohol abuse and the emotions they feel when going through the process of recovery starting with their time in alcohol treatment centers is a new experience.

Fear and the Intervention

The intervention can be a terrifying experience for the addict.  Often it involves criminal charges or health issues which are scary in and of themselves, ideally though it is a controlled intervention conducted by loved ones.  The idea of attending alcohol rehabilitation centers is a life-changing prospect and the prospect of making such a change with the alcohol the addict has learned to rely on causes even more fear.  For the alcoholic, sobriety means losing what was their best friend, the bottle, and causes a particular kind of sorrow.

The Pain of Detox

After the intervention comes the detox process which causes actual physical pain.  Alcohol rehab centers are able to help somewhat with controlled doses of medication under professional medical supervision, but the DT’s still occur.  Along with the physical pain comes a deep emotional pain as the addict reflects on their lives up to this point and tries to envision life without drinking in the future.

Hope During Treatment

When the detox procedure and the alcoholic are able to fully participate in the activities of alcohol treatment centers, they begin to learn the tools they need to deal with emotions, tools they didn’t have while actively addicted.  As the addict learns how to use these tools and begins to see the possibilities which are coming available with their new found sobriety, a sense of hope begins to creep in, and with hope come happiness.  As the addict and their counselors become aware of this hope and happiness, they can determine a plan to wind down the intense immediate treatment and begin making plans for long term recovery.

Satisfaction during Early Recovery

After the patient has finished the immediate treatment, they are ready to move out of the treatment facility, ideally to some sort of a safe house which maintains a focus on sobriety.  Continued treatment will require the addict to keep going to alcohol rehab centers as they learn how to deal with life’s everyday challenges and in most cases, recurring cravings for alcohol.  Although this can be a delicate time for the newly sober addict, it is an integral part of the process of determining what is important and developing a secure confidence in maintaining ongoing recovery success.

The Joy of Long Term Recovery

Long term recovery is not to be mistaken for an invulnerability against relapse.  However, with long-term recovery comes a lifestyle which isn’t conducive to an active alcoholic binge.  The lifestyle has responsibilities which make a relapse a less desirable option and the addict continues to learn how to use new tools to fight the disease rather than succumbing to it.  As the alcoholic sees the value of their commitment to sobriety, the ability to help newly recovering addicts, and their contributions to the world at large, a sense of joy and general happiness enters their lives and they become even more secure in their ongoing recovery.

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