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Finding the Way Home

November 14, 2016 - , , - 0 Comments

the way home for the addictIntroduction

Addicts tend to feel alone even when with loved ones and don’t feel like they fit in, even in their own house.  Drug and alcohol treatment centers address these issues by welcoming the addict into their home and teaching them how to accept themselves including their strengths and flaws.  Finding the way home for the addict is one of the immediate goals of drug and alcohol treatment programs, along with teaching the addict the skills needed to understand and accept themselves both at home and abroad.

When to Enter a Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center

It’s unfortunate to say there is no defined moment at which it is best to enter drug and alcohol treatment centers.  Theoretically, once the signs of addiction begin to show themselves is likely a good time to investigate the possibilities of seeking professional help toward recovery, but the common signs don’t always indicate a person is indeed an addict, nor does the lack of common signs mean somebody isn’t an addict.  Often the best indication as to whether it’s a good time to consider treatment is a combination of the ability and willingness of a person to stop using drugs and alcohol, especially when problems arise which are directly related to the usage.

Is There a Difference Between Drug and Alcohol Addictions?

The answer to whether or not there is a difference between drug and alcohol differences is vague, as it depends on the situation.  There is a technical difference concerning drug of choice, and there are genetic and environmental differences as to why and how the addiction is present, but there are many commonalities among addicts as well.  The counselors who work in drug and alcohol rehab centers understand there are many aspects of addiction which nearly always present, yet every addict is an individual with specific needs and motivations which must be attended to in order to find a successful recovery program.  For some people, spirituality is a solution and with others a deep friendship provides inspiration, while with others a truly enjoyable hobby is motivation to remain sober.

Why Treatment Centers Work with Both

Although drug and alcohol addictions are phrased differently, that’s just a legal designation because the use of one is accepted as causal by today’s culture and the other is not.  Regardless of the addict’s drug of choice, the underlying reasons are often the same and the specific usage depends on the addict’s personality and experience.  Because every addict is different individually, counselors with addiction specialties are trained to recognize and address individual concerns and why the addict relies on drug use to face life on a daily basis.

What to Expect in a Treatment Center

The first and most important things to expect from drug and alcohol rehab centers are empathy, compassion, and forgiveness, tempered with a strict disciple as it is expected for the addict to participate in their own treatment rather than expecting the magic of a miracle cure.  The fact of the matter is, some addicts have done horrible things, but that does not define them as horrible people.  Compassion and empathy demonstrate the counselor’s understanding of the pain an addict has experienced, forgiveness comes by not judging people for what they did while high.  Strict discipline shows the need for taking responsibility and understanding there are ongoing consequences for decisions previously made.  Participation in one’s own recovery is essential because nobody can force sustained sobriety on an addict who doesn’t want it…  not just “want” it, but crave and desire it with all their heart and soul.

His House Rehab offers industry leading Drug Addiction Treatment Programs. We were founded in 1994 and we base our Drug and Alcohol Treatment programs on five key principles: commitment, honesty, integrity, respect, and service. These five principles guide us in all that we do and all the care we provide. Contact us today to see how we can help you or your loved one at (888) 681-4594.

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