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Five Tips for Men in Their First Year of Recovery

January 8, 2016 - , , - 0 Comments

The first year of recovery can often feel as though you are on the longest journey of your life, yet it is important to remember that your hard work will pay off. As you make progress in your fight against addiction, you are also gathering strength that will help you through any battle you encounter in life. While it is important to try to focus on only one day at a time, these five tips will help you sail through this first year with the tools you need for success.

Make Social Connections

The saying that claims every man is for himself falls short when it comes to fighting addiction. During this time, it is important to lean on those who are close to you for help. When you find yourself struggling, call someone you trust and just talk. Whether you talk about your recovery or something completely off-topic, you will feel less alone and benefit from knowing you have support.

Find a Few Hobbies

During the first year, you will notice that you have a lot of time to fill, and staying busy will help you avoid triggers. Spend some time thinking about the things you used to enjoy before addiction took over. Then, renew those interests, and consider taking a few classes to discover new ones. From playing a sport to learning a new language, the world is full of wide-open possibilities for expanding your skill set.

Follow Your Treatment Plan

You may discover that you get confident during the first year, and it is easy to start skipping therapy appointments or support group meetings when life gets busy or you think you don’t need them anymore. However, these little slip-ups can get in the way of your progress. Staying on track with your follow-up care will help reinforce your decision to embrace sobriety.

Help Someone Else

While you may not be ready to mentor someone else yet, there are tons of ways you can provide support to others. Offer to give a friend a ride to work if they lack transportation or volunteer to help with a community fundraiser. When you make an effort to help someone else, it will take the focus off of yourself.

Create a Workout Regimen

Recovery is hard on your body, but each new day brings you closer to better physical health. During early recovery, exercise can help you fill your time, and it will serve as a confidence-booster throughout the first year. Additionally, a fast-paced workout will release endorphins that help you feel more relaxed.

Getting through the first year is a challenge that everyone faces after treatment, yet you have the tools you need to be a success. Remember that, every first year begins with a first day so let us help you find the right program if you have yet to get started. By taking control of your life, you can begin your recovery on the right foot while enjoying greater wellbeing that lasts a lifetime.

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