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Heroin Detox Timeline: Plus 7 Reasons To Get Clean Now

April 4, 2016 - , , , , , - 0 Comments

Heroin withdrawal is a difficult process because the drug has powerful effects and changes the body and the brain chemistry of the user. Heroin binds to the receptors in the brain associated with pleasurable feelings. The sudden stoppage leaves a tremendous feeling of desperately wanting the drug.

A Detox Timeline

Most detox programs for heroin last seven days. From the point of the last dosage, the craving for more drug begins in approximately 10-12 hours. The feeling of severe illness comes over the addict and it usually has physical signs such as chills, sweats, gastric upsets, and cramping. This two-day period is the most physically painful stage but it also has a mental component of an intense craving. Many people require some medications at this stage to alleviate severe pain and dehydration. Over the next two days( days two through four) the physical signs begin to fade and the body starts to strengthen and try to regain normal chemistry. The mental side can intensify and this is the time most relapses occur. By days six to seven, the physical side usually subsides to a few lingering symptoms and addicts are usually able to eat and drink liquids. This is often the point where intensive counseling begins.

Seven Reasons to Get Clean Now

  • Relapse- waiting does no one any good, the risks of a relapse are overwhelming for some people.
  • Overdose-every use of heroin is a risk of an overdose that can leave the user helpless.
  • Damage to health- permanent injuries come to some individuals from injecting heroin. This includes injection errors that can cause fatal embolisms, mixing drugs, and miscalculation of the strength or composition of the drug.
  • Infection from needles- dirty needles and those shared with people create risks of serious illness and death. Hepatitis C and AIDS are only two communicable diseases commonly spread by using shared needles for intravenous injection of heroin.
  • Criminal arrest- possessing illegal drugs exposes one to arrest and prosecution. Fortunately, many jurisdictions try to treat addicts rather than punish them with incarceration.
  • Reckless conduct- under the influence of drugs or combinations of substances, one can lose inhibition and normal caution. Engaging in reckless conduct, particularly when impaired, can cause severe injuries to oneself and others.
  • Increased tolerance – every usage increases tolerance to the drug and makes the user need more and more to get the feelings they seek. The greater the dosage the more difficult the withdrawal and recovery.

Call Us, We Can Help

When you or a loved one needs detox and treatment for heroin addiction; call us, we can help. We have resources that can meet every type of addiction and we assess the individual to match with the best available resources. When the commitment recovery occurs, don’t delay, call us. We can help put you or your loved one on the road to recovery.

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