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How Do I Know If My Daughter Is Hooked On Meth? 4 Major Signs She’s Become A “Tweaker”

May 16, 2016 - - 0 Comments

She used to be so sweet, caring and thoughtful, but now you have a stranger living in your house.  Parenting a teenager is rarely an easy job, but this is different.  It seems like she has changed into a another person completely and it happened virtually overnight.

It’s clear that something is up, but how bad is it?  Could it be meth?  Here are some important red flags to look for when you think your baby girl is turning into a “tweaker”:

Physical Changes

Meth – short for methamphetamine – gives its user an intense feeling of euphoria combined with increased energy levels and ability to focus, earning it one of its more popular nicknames: “Speed”.  Depending on its quality, method of use, and quantity, this feeling can last for hours or even days.

While the meth addict is enjoying these superhuman feelings, one thing she’s not thinking about is eating.  Speed annihilates the user’s appetite, which can increase its appeal to some women who are sensitive about their bodies.  The “speed diet” is marked by a rapid and significant weight loss which is so drastic, it’s impossible not to notice.  If your baby girl is all of a sudden shrinking inside that baby tee, pay attention.

Over the course of prolonged use, the sturdiness of meth’s effects on your daughter will begin to degrade into a distracted and jolty disposition.  She will continue to experience meth’s signature energy boost and her poor body needs to find something to do with all that “go”.  Her hands will become very busy picking at itchy skin which will leave behind sores and scabs on her arms and face.

Where is my mother’s old necklace?

Stealing in order to feed a drug addiction is certainly not exclusive to meth, but its hold on your daughter quickly destroys inhibitions when it comes to what she’s willing to do to get some more.

A more obvious indication that drugs have moved into your home is the unexplained disappearance of cash or credit cards, so this is definitely something to look for.  When the disappearances turn into random items that have even a little bit of value, a meth habit may be to blame.

Speed’s domination is often relentless and rapid.  It will burn her savings account and she will soon have to start getting creative to secure her next resupply.  She will start with her own precious belongings and then move on to yours.  Watch for intrusions into your jewelry box or safe and, if something has disappeared, try checking your local pawn shops.  It’s the easiest fence for goods stolen from Mom and Dad.

I don’t want to go.  Leave me alone!

You used to be buddies.  Family outings or gatherings were fun and full of laughter and joy.  Now she has no interest in spending time with you.  When you do bring it up, she acts like she hates you.

Speed’s most dangerous seduction tactic is that it has your little girl thinking that there is no way to enjoy life without her habit.  Every decision about how she intends to spend her time hinges primarily on her addiction and this new romance has absolutely no room for you.

While you’ve been frustrated and confused about her sudden moodiness or temper, methamphetamine has been depriving her of food, rest, and a whole range of healthy activities and this often results in a constant condition of extreme stress.  And just like stress in the real world, the most common effect is a short – and often violent – temper.

Be on the lookout for anti-social behavior and viper-like reactions to your efforts to connect.

Why don’t you answer your phone?

If meth has worked its way into your daughter’s life, you will also feel very disconnected with who she is in the world.  Your text messages and calls will be ignored and the number of faces in her crowd you don’t recognize or feel comfortable with will increase.

Meth users seek and hang out with other meth users.  Not only do they feed each others’ habits, but they feel safer among one another.  Be as involved as you can with where she is going and who she is going with.  Asking her directly might get that viper-like reaction. If this direct approach proves fruitless, try to watching her social media accounts, emails, and cellphone as closely as possible.  Get information where you can.

She is still your baby…

…but she is no longer alone.  Methamphetamine is about as close as one can get to being possessed and the sooner the exorcism the better.  This doesn’t just happen to “bad parents”; it can happen to anyone.  Finding the right detox center can put your family back on the right track and bring your little girl back.

You’re looking into it.  Excellent work.  Best of luck on this important next step.

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