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How Is Beer Worse Than Liquor?

March 30, 2016 - - 0 Comments

When you walk into any liquor store, an entire refrigerated wall is often dedicated to beers in every size and flavor possible. Beer is a huge business, and people buy it in cases of 24-bottles or more. When it comes to addiction, beer can be much worse than liquor. Consider the factors that support this claim, and how they might affect you or your loved ones.

An Accepted Social Norm

Beer can be worse than liquor because it’s often widely accepted in social circles. You arrive at a party, football game or other gathering, and you’re expected to have a beer or two. It’s even considered popular to drink a lot of beer at once to show off your toughness. All of these behaviors can lead to alcohol addiction over time. You may only drink at parties, but that habit soon grows into a daily need.

Perceived Sobriety

Liquor is usually perceived as a negative habit to have because of its high-alcohol content. However, this perception doesn’t reflect reality. One beer has the same amount of alcohol as one shot of liquor. You’re simply drinking more liquid by volume as you digest the alcohol in beer. Because you don’t feel drunk after one beer, you might believe that two or three more are perfectly acceptable. It’s this warped sense of alcohol volume that makes beer dangerous from an addiction standpoint.

Seeking Out Help

When you feel the need to buy and drink beer nearly every day, there’s an addiction problem in play. You need to speak to professionals who can help you create healthier habits. As you work on your sobriety, it’s important to avoid gatherings where beer is the star player. Watch a football game on TV at home, or invite a few friends over for a non-alcoholic gathering. You don’t need beer to have a good time.

Don’t let peer pressure deter you from seeking out the help that you need. Addiction to beer is just as serious as harder drugs, including heroin or cocaine. Speak to a loved one for support, and call our detox center today. Becoming a healthier individual will improve your quality of life and significantly increase your lifespan.

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