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How To Solve Your Pill Addiction With Detox

October 12, 2015 - , , - 0 Comments

Maybe you needed pain relief following surgery or a sports injury. Maybe you asked your doctor for help during a stubborn bout of insomnia. You might have bummed stimulants from your roommate when you needed to stay awake and study. Now, you find yourself addicted to pills, and life is spiraling out of control. We can help.

“Why Me?”

No one deliberately sets out to get hooked on pills. If you can’t stop using, it’s because you carry certain risk factors that are beyond your control. Addiction has nothing to do with lack of discipline or moral weakness; it’s a chronic, relapsing brain disease. Fortunately, it’s treatable. If you’re reading this, you’ve taken the crucial first step to recovery by admitting that you need help. We’re glad that you turned to us.

Caring Support During Detox

If you truly desire to get clean and live a drug-free life, professional detox at a treatment center is your best option. You’ll be closely monitored and made comfortable throughout withdrawal. As your body purges built-up toxins, caregivers who understand what you’re going through will encourage you emotionally and work to supply lost nutrients. You may need medication to help you gradually wean off pills. When you’re physically stable, you can begin your journey to recovery.

A Tailor-Made Plan

Our treatment specialists know that every addict is unique. After a thorough evaluation, they’ll design a plan based on your specific needs and goals. Your treatment is likely to include individual and family counseling for uncovering the roots of your problem. Depression, traumatic events and high stress levels, for example, often lead to addiction. Peer support groups and behavioral therapy are other tools that will help you rebuild your life. As you progress, your plan may be adjusted according to what works best.

Trust Us for the Long Haul

A productive, fulfilling life without pills is possible. We’ll teach you how to live healthier through better diet and exercise. You’ll learn to manage negative thoughts and emotions that tempt you to use drugs. You’ll enjoy social outings with others who are on similar journeys. In your private time, you may choose to keep a journal, read or nurture yourself spiritually. The decision to get clean once and for all is a lifelong commitment, and we’re in it for the long haul; our aftercare program will help keep you in sober community. The stronger your network of support, the more likely you are to avoid relapse.

Don’t Waste Another Day

We’re eager to see you break free from the grip of pill addiction. Please contact us today, and we’ll help you start to reclaim your life.

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