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Is My Son Covered For Drug Rehab On My Insurance

January 4, 2016 - , , , - 0 Comments

Handling the Costs of Drug Rehab

Drug rehabilitation is an important step towards propriety. One must cleanse the mind and body of the effects of drug abuse through detoxification and enter an effective program of therapy and counseling. The options include intensive inpatient environments, intensive outpatient counseling, residential settings, and outpatient counseling. The costs of drug rehab will vary by the facility and the type of treatment needed. Inpatient services can be the most expensive particularly those that require medical personnel. Call us and we can help find resources needed to handle the costs of treatment. We can help families find the best use of the available resources.

Obamacare Covers Dependents

One of the major reforms and benefits of the Affordable Care Act was for coverage of young adults. The law established a requirement for covering dependents through age 25. The coverage requirement ends on the dependent’s 26th birthday. If a child listed on a health plan is age 25 or younger, then he or she is covered. The services available through health insurance can be limited by the terms of the policy to the types of resources available in the provider’s system. We can help find the best possible combination of insurance coverage and treatment facilities.

Obamacare covers Mental Health

One of the ten essential benefits guaranteed by the Affordable Care Act is mental health screening, detection, and treatment. This specifically includes substance abuse, alcohol, and drug addictions. Qualified health plans must include the ten essential benefits and providers must offer them at no additional costs. Whether from criminal court diversion or the decision to enter treatment, the opportunity to get clean and stay sober is a vital phase. It is important to get the addicted person into an effective program as soon as possible. Call us, we can help with the process and paperwork needed to get a strong start.

Call Us for Help with Addictions

When a loved one falls into the grip of addiction, the entire family suffers the worry and stress that comes with it. Entanglements with law enforcement, dangers of overdose, and damage to health are among the critical causes of family worry and emotional strain. We can help. We can provide the resources needed to give treatment the best possible chance of success. We work with programs that accept major health insurance coverage and provide resources to treat the whole person and not just the addiction-related behaviors. Call us. We can help.

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