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Is Synthetic Marijuana Addictive and Is There Treatment For It?

March 16, 2016 - , , , , - 0 Comments

Traditional marijuana has been used within society for decades. It was largely popularized in the 1960s by young radicals, and it continues to make headlines today. However, there’s a new form of marijuana called synthetic pot. This drug is being advertised as a “natural” alternative to traditional marijuana, but there are new studies suggesting that this enhanced substance is incredibly addictive. Take a deeper look at this manufactured drug and possible treatments for it.

Deceptive Advertising

Synthetic marijuana is far from being “natural” as it’s advertised to be. There is benign plant material involved because the manufacturers need a substance to hold the cannabinoid chemicals that give you the desired high. However, these chemicals sprayed onto the plant material are all manufactured substances. They’re not regulated by any government entity so they can have almost any toxic chemical within their mixture. Each synthetic marijuana batch is slightly different, and you’re ingesting different chemicals each time as a result.

The Brain Connection

Synthetic marijuana is addictive because of its enhanced activity within the brain itself. As the chemicals spread across the blood-brain barrier, nerve-cell receptors sense the synthetic marijuana. These chemicals bind with the nerve cells to produce the high. However, these receptor connections are much stronger with synthetic marijuana as opposed to the traditional plant. You’ll have a strong high, but with devastating lows that encourage addiction.

Defeating the Addictive Nature

There is treatment for synthetic marijuana as more studies develop around this drug trend. You must go through a detox period so that your brain receptors can release from the drug’s hold. This detox period should be observed by professionals, and you’ll have an easier time with the recovery process. Your body craves these chemicals, but detox and treatment train your mind and body to look elsewhere for happiness.

If you’re unsure if a treatment center specializes in synthetic marijuana addiction, simply give them a call and ask. This addiction is relatively new, but detox centers are usually ahead of the curve when it comes to drug trends. A reputable facility should be able to help you out with your addiction needs and control those cravings for the long term.

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