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The Latest Legislation Being Put Forth To Combat Opiate Addiction

July 4, 2016 - , , , , , , - 0 Comments

While there is little disagreement that prescription opiates are a dominant factor in the opiate epidemic, there is a sharp division on federal laws to combat the nation’s opiate epidemic. Also, some states responding to alarming levels of overdoses and reports of new addictions have taken action such as the State of New York, and Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

One Approach is for More Study

One approach advanced by the House and Senate Republicans seeks to study the issues involved and add small steps to healthcare procedures such as treatment for addicted newborns and neonatal syndrome. The Republican approach mainly involves authorizing studies on the medical usage of addictive opiate prescription drugs.

Assessing the Massachusetts and New York State Legislation

The major enforcement took in these laws are limits on initial prescriptions and refills of prescription drug painkillers. They also emphasize education and prevention strategies at the community level. There is also an emphasis on first aid and first responders, such as wider use of naloxone kits.

Towards a Community-Based Action Approach

The White House and Democratic approach seek to provide a boost in funding to improve federal government capacity to interact with the medical community and change the ways that the medical profession uses opiates. One program provides for increased inter-agency cooperation of the many aspects of prescription opiates, treatment, research, and the role of prescription painkillers in causing addictions. Significantly, the White House seeks authorization of more than $1 billion to fund community-based initiatives for education, prevention, first response, and treatment.

Opiate Prescriptions Standards Must be Reformed

The clear indication from the available information is that the medical practice of using prescription opiate drugs is a major cause of new addictions. The diversion of painkillers into unprescribed or excessive usage is a portal to heroin and opiate addiction. Medical doctors may use these effective, powerful painkillers too liberally and there may be new drugs that reduce the dependency side effect. Clearly, more control and revision of medical standards can help reduce the supply and impact of prescription drugs on opiate addiction.

Call Us; We Can Help

Prescription drug use and prescription abuse make the leading cause of opiate addiction in America. Some statistics suggest that four of five new addictions involve prescription drugs. We can help find resources for treatment of opiate addiction which are among the most stubborn and difficult to treat. When you or a loved one needs help in breaking the chain of painkillers and opiates, call us; we can help find the path to sober living.

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