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Is Your Loved One Depressed? 5 Signs You Should Watch Out For

August 29, 2017 - - 0 Comments

Depression SignsDepression treatment should be incorporated with your drug addiction rehab so the two diseases (a dual diagnosis) can be treated simultaneously. Recognizing the initial symptoms of the disorder can help you and your psychiatrist creates an effective strategy that can be used during your addiction recovery.

The early signs of depression are noticeable especially in the way your lifestyle changes. Depression can rob you or your loved one of joy – depressed people are often unmotivated and find it difficult to even get started in the morning. Not only does depression cause complications for addiction treatment, but it can also lead to possible relapses after your recovery program.

Here are 5 signs you need to watch out for:

Emotional Instability
One of the most obvious signs of depression is the lack of emotional stability. A depression treatment center for men can help you get through the emotional instability with effective strategies that helps relieve the symptoms of extreme depression and teaches you life-changing skills. Inpatient depression treatment centers can be the best way to deal with depression if earlier attempts such as therapy or antidepressants aren’t working.


Depressed people might have, in extreme cases, a lack of self-worth which can result in suicidal thoughts and tendencies. The mental health disorder of depression can be pervasive enough to force some sufferers to try drinking or drugging the suffering away. A good drug rehab program will include mental health assessments and, if necessary, incorporate coping strategies and therapy into the program.

Physical Changes
When a person suffers from depression, the most obvious manifestations of it can be seen with his physical appearance. A man suffering from depression often finds himself tired and not wanting to do anything but sleep the problems out. Coupled with alcohol and drug addiction, a significant loss of weight or extreme weight gain is common. He often experiences headaches and muscle pains. Most depression treatment centers integrate alternative exercises to give you a form of physical activity that works to heal your mind and body from the effects of withdrawal.

Together with all of the other signs, addiction can be the end result of depression
or exist simultaneously with the mental health disorder. This is called a co-occurring disorder where your loved one suffers from both addiction and a mental problem. When you see any of these signs in your loved one, seeking help from a depression treatment center for men doesn’t just help him find the solution for his depression, but also for the co-occurring substance dependence.

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