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Opiate Epidemic in America

June 1, 2016 - , , , , , - 0 Comments

The United States has an epidemic of opiate abuse. The sources of the epidemic include imported illicit drugs coming across the northern and southern borders as well as seaports. They include prescription painkillers obtained by addicts and drug dealers which have become a leading source of addiction and supply. The evidence of the epidemic consists of police information on drugs and arrests, accounts of drug interventions at hospitals and clinics, and on numbers of interventions by police, fire, and other first responders using drugs like naloxone to revive victims until medical assistance arrives.

Cocaine is not Top of the List

Opoids and heroin kill and injure fr more people than cocaine. Stattics place cocaine in about the same category of harms as sleepong polls. Opioids and heroin are leading killers and mainstays of the American opiate epidemic. Opiates and opioids now top the list of addictive drugs of choice. These addictions are among the most powerful to treat. Opioids, in particular, offer a challenge based on medical usage. One issue is that so many doctors prescribe these advanced painkillers. They are prone to abuse, and addiction is a commonly encountered side effect. The situation involves an uneven degree of prescription by doctors; it involves the pain -relief syndrome itself. Patients habituate to the miraculous drugs that alleviate sometimes crippling levels of pain.

Statistics on the Epidemic in America

Drugs take more American lives per year than automobile injuries; drug deaths were approximately 47,000 to about 29,000 auto deaths in 2014. Prescription narcotics is a major source of supply and a leading cause of the heroin epidemic. These true certified pure drugs offer an open door for addiction. They are powerful for a reason, and when abused they form strong physical and mental cravings for more. In more than 12 states, surveys found there were more prescriptions for painkillers than population. The surface need for painkillers has kept the door open to over manufacturing, over-prescription, and incredible diversions of the drugs into illicit drug supplies. Only in the past four years have the overall rates of production slowed.

Resources Expand but not Quick Enough

The demand for treatment comes from many sources including the national policy to treat addiction as a disease. The increase in demand for treatment is the positive side of the situation in which the need for treatment grows with an increasing number of addicts. The policy towards diversion in criminal courts gained momentum with the impact of the epidemic as criminal justice systems were also not equipped for rapid swells in jail and prison populations.

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