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Reality Check: Drinking Beer Is As Addictive As Heroin

July 25, 2016 - , , , , - 0 Comments

There are individuals who believe that beer is less addictive than heroin, but they are wrong. At our rehabilitation facilities, we counsel more clients who are addicted to beer than heroin because it is easier to purchase, and it is socially acceptable to drink alcoholic beverages. Anyone using heroin tries to keep it a secret from others by making sure that no one sees the injection site, and in order to buy heroin, you need to find a dealer who brings the substance to a dark alley or abandoned building.

Drinking Beer Is Socially Acceptable

However, you can buy cases of beer in any grocery store, and if those places are closed, then our clients go to a tavern to buy glasses of beer. While some states restrict the number of cans of beer that a customer can purchase at one time, alcoholics simply visit multiple stores or bars in order to consume beer. No one understands why some individuals develop an addiction to beer, but this beverage has a unique odor and flavor.

Beer Is Inexpensive and Easy To Find

In addition, beer is made from grains, making it one of the least expensive alcoholic beverages. With a combination of affordability, availability and a distinct flavor, beer has become an addictive drug. For out clients in rehabilitation, overcoming an addiction to beer is difficult because this beverage is served in most social situations. While staying away from beer is easy in our residential facilities, it is not easy after you return home.

The Consumption of Beer Is Considered Glamorous

A recent study concerning heroin versus beer indicates that beer addiction leads to more damaged relationships and health problems. Addicts may not consider beer a recreational drug because of its easy availability along with thinking that it is okay to drink too much of the beverage while at parties with friends. There are television programs that attempt to make drinking beer glamorous while also making heroin use seem dangerous.

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You will seldom hear that a celebrity died from cirrhosis of the liver because they were an alcoholic, but you will learn about the musicians and actors who died from a heroin overdose. To avoid consequences such as violent behavior, depression or liver damage, it is essential to contact us today to begin the process toward recovery and get in to detox or treatment.

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