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Transitioning From Being an Addict To a Man in Recovery

April 27, 2016 - , , , - 0 Comments

Change is scary, it is normal for every human being to want to stay where they are comfortable and with what they are used to. However, there is no denying that change is necessary, especially for an addict. There comes a point where you look at your life and you know you need to make a change. Addiction is destructive, you may have lost relationships along the way or even a job. The good news is that, many have walked this road before you and made it. Deciding to embark on a recovery journey is a bold move and here are tips to guide you along this journey.

Seek Support

Isolation is one of the common feelings experienced by addicts. This makes it hard to reach out and seek help. However, part of the transition process involves having an outlet of support. You can seek individual counselling or choose to go through a group setting recovery program. These programs are offered in recovery centers. The best thing about enrolling in such programs is that you are never alone. You connect with other people on the path of recovery and together you can make major strides in the journey.

Identify a Routine and Stick to it

Another advantage of starting in a rehab center is that there is a set routine that you can later adapt to. While transitioning it is important to plan your activities so that you do not have idle time. An idle mind can entertain negative thoughts and negative peer pressure. Your routine can include nature walks and exercise. This is a good way to transition to a new reality and norm. Sticking to a set routine will reduce the risk of relapsing.

Stay Positive

There will be times when you contemplate giving up. The withdrawal symptoms can leave you feeling hopeless, but it is imperative to remain positive through the process. Remember that the mind is a very important tool towards recovery. What you feed your mind with will determine the success of the recovery process. Maintain a positive outlook, engage in fun activities and keep negative thoughts at bay. When sad feelings come, acknowledge them but do not linger, move past them. Do not be too hard on yourself, always remember that transitioning will take time. As long as you keep the focus, you will face each day with new enthusiasm and the transition process will get better.

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