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How Are We Treating Opiate Addiction?

June 15, 2016 - , , , , , - 0 Comments

In recent years, the United States and Europe experienced sharp increases in opiate usage and addiction. Sometimes called epidemics, the rises have caused stress on systems that governments use to detect and treat addictions. The rise in usage and addiction also brought a sharp increase in emergency room and other interventions by first responders, and first aid providers. The overall increase in opiate addiction and usage caused thousands of deaths.

Government Beliefs for Opiate Treatment

In the United States, maintenance is the primary long-term solution for opiate addiction. The U.S Government uses drugs such as Suboxone. These drugs maintain addicts on a prescription drug rather than leaving them to search and find illicit drugs. Illicit or street drugs have varying strengths and unknown properties; they are unpredictable and dangerous.

New Age and New Approaches

Treating addictions as an illness was an important step towards reducing the stigmas of addiction. It is a difficult medical situation, and social negativity does not play a helpful role in finding a lasting solution for sobriety. Criminal systems do a poor job of rehabilitation. They do not help recovering addicts learn to make vitally important new decisions about the dangers and addictive quality of opiate abuse.

New Opiate Maintenance Approach

Some experimental programs have determined that the best approach is to maintain addicts on the drug of choice and gradually reduce the tolerance and level of usage. This approach helps avoid the often difficult stage of detoxification. Opiate abuse creates strong feelings, powerful cravings, and physical changes. Detoxification can be medically risky, painful, and a reason to avoid treatment. Reducing the tolerance and level of intake can be an effective form of treatment for opiate addicts.

Call Us; We Can Help

When you or a loved one decides to treat opiate addiction, call us; we can help find the resources for the best chance for success. Laws and policies treat addiction as a disease rather than a crime. Addiction is a disease that affects millions of people, and opiate addictions remain among the most difficult conditions to treat. The program resources must meet the needs of the recovering addict and offer the best choices for detoxification and treatment. Call us; we understand the importance of the decision to get treatment. It is the decision to turn a life around. 877-345-4138

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