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Ways to Help Avoid Relapse
8 Ways to Help Avoid Relapse March 21, 2017 10:59 pm - - Leave your thoughts

Treatment specialists in various alcohol treatment centers all emphasize the reality of relapse. This is the reason why every alcohol rehab program includes educational and learning sessions to help patients stay sober and develop healthy coping skills. If you have recently completed substance […]

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Life After Addiction
10 Tips to Face Life After Addiction March 17, 2017 4:10 pm - - Leave your thoughts

The majority of addiction specialists agree that the first 90 days after returning home from alcohol rehab are critical considering that relapses commonly occur during this period. This is the reason most alcohol rehab centers provide aftercare program and encourage their former patients […]

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The Dangers of Quitting Alone
The Dangers of Quitting Alone February 22, 2017 7:11 pm - - Leave your thoughts

When it comes to overcoming an alcohol addiction, it’s best to seek the help of qualified medical experts. Trying to quite alone can have many consequences. If you or someone you know tries to kick their addiction to alcohol on their own, they […]

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Drug Detox
Drug Detox – the First Step February 21, 2017 6:12 pm - , - Leave your thoughts

One of the most difficult parts of the recovery process is the detoxification stage. This is because that this initial stage is what most addicts usually spend the most time trying to avoid. Many people who form a dependence on alcohol or other […]

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